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1st June 2012, 14:04
I am just an ordinary guy living and coping with a pretty cruel disease, but I honestly never thought why me? I have no anger or malice for anybody. Would I choose to have MND, no definitely not, but thats how it is, so you have no choice but to get on with it. People don't really understand or believe me when I say that, but its true, sure I have days when I down but doesn't everyone! I can't be the only that feels like this.
I consider I have had a lucky life, two fantastic kids who keep me strong, and I will fight on for them, nearly nine years and counting. Anyway who knows what lies ahead, the best may be still to come, I'm a firm believer in, you shape your own future.

If I had a voice I would shout out loud,
two brilliant kids make me so proud.
Kind and polite but with cheeky smiles,
for them I would run a million miles.
Their unconditional love keeps me strong,
for them I will fight on!

keep smiling, I do

Gareth :cool:

1st June 2012, 18:11
I think we just need to accept what has happened and play the cards that we've been dealt. My GP always comments that I seem cheerful and positive despite everything and my reply is always the same - why be miserable and punish myself and everyone around me? Being miserable isn't going to cure me so I've got to make the best of what I've got. Yes, I feel down and sometimes resort to tears, but I try to do it on my own and not take this situation out on anyone else.

I fully agree that you shape your own future and I'm determined that however much of a future I've got its going to be a joyful one that people enjoyed spending with me. In the grand scheme of things I'm pretty lucky; I've got a husband and friends who love me so I've really got nothing to complain about at all :D

1st June 2012, 19:29
Hi guys, it's great to hear such positive attitudes, like you both no use sulking we have to make the most of the time we have left enjoy family and friends and doing what we can while we can.
So keep smiling and have fun.


3rd June 2012, 10:17
Your poem is awesome Gareth!

3rd June 2012, 10:49
Hi Sally

Having read your profile, hope everything works out ok for you, remember what ever happens its not the end of the world, you still have your kids. Glad you liked my poem, I have plenty more, too much time lol

keep smiling, I do
Gareth :cool:

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