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22nd January 2011, 22:37
Any Comedy fans in here? Who's your favourite, what would you recommend to watch?

I'll start with Eddie Izzard - Glorious

An extract -


22nd January 2011, 23:14
Saw Greg Daniels - Gilbert in the Inbetweeners series live at the Library Theatre, Luton and thought he was great - had a real heart about his humour and a section about his Dads illness commanded total silence - brilliant

22nd January 2011, 23:44
I'd like to see Greg Daniels live, he comes across as a really funny bloke.
We saw Dylan Moran recently when he testing out his new material. He was really funny and really humble. The evening was almost ruined by hecklers, but he dealt with them in an adorable manner.

We live relatively near a comedy club which we've been to a few times to see some lesser known comedians. We attended one night not too long after my partners mum was diagnosed, and the comedian started making jokes about Stephen Hawking. It really upset my partners sister (who quietly left the room), and the whole audience was silent. He realised that he'd said something wrong, and asked if they found it too insulting, to which quite a few people said yes, and he quickly moved on to the next set of jokes.

23rd January 2011, 11:06
My fave has to be Lee Evans :) been to watch him twice now an see every video/dvd.
This is great!


6th September 2011, 08:55
Thanks for the link.. really enjoyed a lot..:)

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