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3rd June 2012, 15:37
Hi all, I am wondering where would be the place for a peg to be put in if you lived in Buckinghamshire the chalfonts specifically? I have read from jaded john that there are some hospitals that people would not recommend. If you asked for a specific hospital would your request be granted? I am thinking that one that has been mentioned as very good is John Radcliffe in Oxford and that's not too far but also I am guessing the Neurological Hospital in London should also be good?
Any ideas
many thanks as always for the helpful replies

4th June 2012, 09:12
Hi bb,

I would think commonsense here , If the patient has been diagnosed by a Neuro, they normally have a network set up within the hospital who then deals with the needs as and when they arise, As far as i know the hospitals are all capable of doing the procedure as its not only for MND cases , but if you have a team near you I would tend to use them as they have all the details at hand about your case , The simply way of looking at it people are unigue in how they see things and some find one better than another not for medical reasons always just because they feel happier being treated by some nore than others , And having been in several hospitals, during my treatment its not always the doctors and staff who are the problem ,the patients can be a real nightmare demanding private treatment on the NHS ? so think about visiting if that becomes a need ,not all have the peg and go out the same day so travelling miles to visit is costly and time consuming , Good luck with the search, but i would click on the hospital page you use, and see what patients have to say about it in general, and trust the ones who are caring for your relative.

best wishes to you and good luck


4th June 2012, 10:21
I would advise you speak to MND Connect about this (Tel: 08457 626262, email mndconnect@mndassociation.org or click the tab at the top of this page for their full details page). They are unlikely to give you a 'league table' of patient preferences, but can certainly give you detailed insight into the procedure and probably put you in touch with someone who can give you direct information about the need for this op. in your particular case. Then, if you decide to proceed with it, they can advise you about obtaining the procedure in a way you are happy with.

Very best wishes,


4th June 2012, 14:59
thanks for the prompt and sensible responses

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