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13th June 2012, 14:53
OO i feel a major rant coming on!Hubby went on to ssp 2 weeks ago,put in a claim at building society on accident sickness policy.went to the drs this morning with part of the form they asked him to fill in and he said yes thats fine,leave it at the desk and it will get done.so duly took it to desk and receptionist said i think there might be a charge but I said well he didnt say anything about that while I sat in front of him.got home and just about to go to work the surgery rang up and said they were sorry but I would have t o pay 30 before it could be filled in!!!!!!! 30 bloody pounds for confirming he had a terminal illness talk about kicking someone when they are down.i am so cross.i took the money in and they said the drs never tell the patients its left to the poor receptionist.i asked who got the money and they said the dr as it was classed as private work.so without that form wouldnt be able to get most of the monthly payment paid on the mortgage so have no choice but to stump up.nice little earner or what.anybody know if this can be claimed back? xx

13th June 2012, 15:28
Let's have a name and shame list, reading your rant I wish I lived nearer I'de go round there and twist his private works.

Regs.Bob Ps ring up Dom Littlewood

13th June 2012, 15:38
Hi caz and Bob,

We had similar happen to us , and despite me groaning a lot ,didnt make any difference to the Jumped up receptionist ,despite me having filled in all the form apart from the Doctors signature , mind you it wasnt thirty quid , i found the fifteen a bit hard to contend with , Bet our resident Font of all things usefull will know our,,( Jeannie,) I will be amazed if she don't know . good luck , perhaps he is one of the poorer GPs, mind you Bob i am up for driving you there ????,


13th June 2012, 16:04
:Can't you get the neurologist or one of the hospital doctors to confirm or alternatively would they not accept the letter from the hospital confirming your diagnosis? I know these poor doctors are trying to eek a living on 125000 per year plus private work but they do have to do 9 to 5, 5days a week for that!! Some of our local docs man the out of hours service for the 600 a night that pays in an effort to make ends meet.
Don't understand why you would begrudge them 30!!!

13th June 2012, 18:03
Hi Caz;
Give us the email and the name of the doctor please, so that we can ask him why! If you know beforehand then you could look else where, even the Hospice Doctor.
It's a bad world sometimes.

13th June 2012, 19:04
Hi Caz,
Had exactly the same response from a receptionist in my surgery, with a look of not another form to fill in and that will be 30.00 on collection.
I didnt debate the charge as I understand it is a universal guide line. however when i returned to collect, my doctor had not charged for thier time and signiture.Like you would have steam from both ears and aggree with all the above comments, no compassion from your doctor.


13th June 2012, 20:36
I remember when our GP found out Micks diagnosis,he was so sorry and he gave me the biggest hug and shook Micks hand so humbly and said if we needed any forms filling or anything just to let him know and he and the rest of the practice have helped us immensely, we are so lucky he has never charged us once. He even just calls in if hes passing to see how Mick is doing and the receptionist takes our prescriptions the same day to the chemist so we don't have to wait for them being picked up. They are truly wonderful. We are blessed. Ang

14th June 2012, 06:39
this year have same surprise whit my last form for my work to make me able to work on night-shift cost me 20 for just gp's signature
and now going again for filling my insurance form so.....how much this time? don't know

14th June 2012, 13:03
I've never been charged for anything from my GP.

14th June 2012, 14:27
hi everybody henceforth I will be known as calamity caz and her posse! lol.thankyou you so much for your support.mnd is sending a letter to the dr asking if he realised i would be charged as he never mentioned it at all so even though I paid and have a receipt they might jog his conscience.heres hoping.thanks for your offer bob and pete very much appreciated.good news today had community ot out and she was very helpful towards adaptations so hopefully might get vertical lift and closomat toilet as she said they were cost effective as we dont want an extension which obviously takes a long time.also applied for carers allowance last week and today they paid money in and backdated it so well chuffed.well just off to cook hubby and son a hot chilli.hope you all have a good day x

14th June 2012, 16:21
I think l would of paid the thirty pound in 1p,2p and even 5p's. It is unbelieveable what they charge. This might be the things l have to look forward too? I agree with you all. I am very new to this and at the moment have more down days. It lifts my spirits reading the comments. I'm quite happy to join Max even if he is driving!!:rolleyes:

14th June 2012, 17:07
Hi Caroline,

glad to hear you had some welcome news.

best wishes.


14th June 2012, 17:12
At last, some good news Caroline.

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