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16th June 2012, 15:28
hi guys hope you can help with this query.since hubby had mnd he seems to have excessive facial hair growth,even back and shoulders.I have to shave his face every day,now using electric one as had a few nicks with normal razor blade!also his nails need cutting much more often.is this a side effect of riluzole do you know.it does seem very odd and is not normal for him.thanks, no point asing our local gp as he didnt even know what riluzole did just commented how much it cost the nhs caz x

16th June 2012, 18:28
Hi Caz

I have MND and do not take Riluzole. My hair and finger nails grow rapidly with this disease.


16th June 2012, 18:44

Increased metabolism has been noted with MND. Maybe as the body fights the disease. Is urine darker too?

Best wishes


16th June 2012, 20:38
Hi caz,

Might be worth mentioning to the Doc when you next see him ,That as we pay for the NHS and therefore pay his wages , he may want to offer a bit more in the way of helping you ,rather than worrying about costs he has little to do with , considering its the only drug that offers anything to us , Wonder how he feels about the costs of Cancer treatments , and yes I seem to have to shave more now and have got really good at doing my nails !!!!!


17th December 2012, 19:57
Hi Magic;
this is one on hair growth.
Love Terry

17th December 2012, 20:42
Hi Caroline,

Yep same same as that wish it was on head though, although chicken dung is by a lot of lonely slap heads


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