View Full Version : finally some success with pulling trousers up!

17th June 2012, 10:09
at present hubbys legs are ok but unfortunately not his arms.he can get his trousers up so far but not properly and is constantly asking to be hitched up which he hates having to do.so i put my thinking cap on and found a solution .bought some stick on hooks for 97p and found the right height on the bathroom door .he then pulls one side up of the trousers on the hook then the back then the other side.bit of jiggling about but hurrah it works.son is going to put a screw through the hook to make it more stable but everybody is happy!like most of you he has been wearing bermuda style shorts or sports trousers so no need for boxers as well so just one garment to pull on.just cant work out the duvet problem.no matter how much i tuck him in he kicks it off in the night and cant pull it up himself.anybody help?x

17th June 2012, 13:09
Hey caz,looks like you've cracked the trouser problem,but how about a sleeping bag for the quilt problem I have not tried one personally though. I can no longer move in bed I awake as i went to sleep, on my back,it took a lot of mind conditioning to achieve this as I did'nt want to keep waking Saint Pat to turn me over anyway just a thought.

Warmest Regards Bob x

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