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17th June 2012, 12:34
Hi all I was just wondering if anyone has ever had or seen a poncho type towel to slip over the head after showering. I just thought it would maintain abit of dignity as well as keeping mum warm whilst drying her. I've looked all over the web but had no luck. I may have to cobble something up with two towels

Thanks any advice much appreciated


17th June 2012, 14:30
Just a thought - how about checking out beachwear?

17th June 2012, 14:54
If you google" adult toweliing ponchos" you will find you can buy them from e bay or amazon. If you can find 1799 other people who would like one alibaba will supply a minimum order of 1800!!

I did find a pattern to sew your own but that just seemed to be child sizes. The ready made sounds quicker unless you have time on your hands.
i suspect this isn't the case.


17th June 2012, 17:52
Thanks guys for the ideas, and I have found one or two ideas that are designed for the beach, but tend to be pricey. I shall try my hand with the sewing machine for now and try two towels sewn together ( matching towels of course, we wouldnt want to look tacky) with a gap for the noggin, which is basically what the beach ponchos are.



Ps thanks for the post John it made me chuckle

27th July 2012, 07:11
Recently i was also searching for the same type of towel option and yes i landed onto Google where i searched and got even more appropriate and suitable results that i had thought about ........
Sometimes we search for a little piece of thing in-fact we don't think that it will become difficult but yes it becomes....
I was searching for a round shaped towel that could stay on the head and would not slip over my gran ma's head so she could be warm for a time and yes of course her hairs will remain dry after shower

8th August 2012, 08:35
Able2wear.co.uk do a towelling poncho, not particularly cheap but what is for people who have health conditions!

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