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18th June 2012, 18:12
Just a reminder tonight 18/06 on chanel 4 at 8pm there's the programme "A right to die" Tony Nicklinson who after a massive stroke has the condition known as locked in syndrome.

Warmest Regards Bob

Robyn Copley-Hirst
19th June 2012, 09:06
If you missed Robert's reminder and would be interested in reading up or watch the programme, it's all online now at:


Hope that helps anyone who is interested,


19th June 2012, 11:21
We watched this last night and I was absolutely heartbroken for that man and his family.Even now today I am trying to hold my tears back.It affected me so much. Irene

19th June 2012, 12:06
I watched a bit of it and couldn't believe they would class it as murder - murder in my eye is that of someone being killed without permission.

19th June 2012, 12:39
I totally support him,I am not at Tony's stage yet, being locked in, although I have to have help with practically everything, I can still talk and swallow ok.
Quoting a comment from another debate on the same issue " you wouldn't let an animal suffer like that " I am sure they could rig up a device so he could trigger a switch through his pc to put wheels in motion to administer the fatal doses.
Anyway I hope he gets his wish and can be released from his torture.
Regards Bob

19th June 2012, 12:47
Hi Jeannie,
I aggree with you, over many years we as family have had to make heart breaking decissions with terminating the lives of both horses and dogs that we have been in distress and pain, with the support and knowledge of vets we had always put the welfare,quality of life first.
I aggree with the view of Tony It should be his choice.

19th June 2012, 13:34
I agree with the above comments.If we were to let an animal live like that we would be prosecuted.This man needs a release and I for one hope he gets his wish x

19th June 2012, 14:59
Why do we fear death? I know that given the choice,having gone,He, my sweatheart of 60 years,would not come back in his present state,why is life so precious to us that I canot pray for his death?,I can only wish for his peace and freedom from this living hell, this locked in existance. My pain is so great for him but I am helpless to give him any release from his suffering. I can only do my best to keep him as comfortable as I can. When he gets to wherever he is going, I know that I have earnt a place by his side.The platau that he has been on for a while has shifted ,and now even recognition has faded,smiles have disapeared,.Does he know who I am,? A faint smile crosses his face, of course he does. ,and I am Happy My love and blessings to all I will be watching the outcome .It is his decision alone. Rainbow

19th June 2012, 18:44
Hi All,

I am sure the "Pro-lifers" will now fund the stem cell trials that are showing great promise for MND and Stroke alike.

Best wishes


19th June 2012, 19:53
Hi All,

It was truly heartbreaking to watch, but like so many things nowadays , No one and i mean No one wants to say it , but there are instances , when a person can no longer have a life worth living , How you decide that when everyone see's things in different way I have no idea ,,how you can have a general law allowing that across the board . But it the poor guys situation ,and not only has his body failed him ,but worse of all the medical proffesion is still not able to help him die with dignity. I say Shame on anyone who makes this guy suffer any longer than he has too, His life ,His choice , I wish him peace .


19th June 2012, 22:41
My father was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour and lived for 12 weeks between diagnosis and death. He had made it clear to everyone that he wanted to die quickly and peacefully and would take his own life but, like anyone would, he wanted to get as much out of his remaining time as he could. In the end his illness overtook him and he wasn't able to take his life - he needed so much care and was no longer in control of his medication as he wasn't able to organise it himself, and there began the most awful month of my family's life.

My father's life ended in a hospital bed, finally dying from organ failure due to withdrawal of his feeding and fluids. This was so distressing for him and my mother and the irony is that the hospital were able to withdraw his feeding (an action deliberately taken to shorten his life) but were not able to prescribe him an overdose to bring about a swift and peaceful end. I still to this day can't see the between these two actions - they have the same end result yet the first is legal and the second is not. The first also makes death painful and distressing, and the second does not.

I appreciate that the law needs to protect the vulnerable, but my father had made his wishes clear yet no-one could act on them to help him die. The sad fact is that the government's unwillingness to review the law means that many people every year cut their lives short very early once diagnosed with a terminal illness, purely out of fear that they will be unable to take action later.

19th June 2012, 22:51
Hi 15 storeys,

So Sorry to hear about your Dad, I think people tend to forget about family members when these terrible times are reached its bad enough watching someone you love die ,but to know there is another way to help stop the suffering on both parties , just beggars beleif, I do know i dont want my wife and daughter to see me at the end of my road ,and put them through that trauma, and for what just to say they abided by the law . Time to respect wishes of those who need help i think .


20th June 2012, 13:37
I have just watched the Tony Nicklinson documentary and cannot understand the legal argument about the need to protect. What is the legal difference between allowing the medical profession to carry out abortion but withholding consent where people themselves are choosing to die?
Obviously there will need to be safeguards if the law is changed and many difficult decisions for all concerned if it becomes a real option.

20th June 2012, 22:10
I watched this documentary and just couldn't help but break down in tears when he was clearly distressed when asked about his care.....how awful for a human being locked in a body and the mind so quick to come back with an argument as to why he should have the right to die...even now it brings tears to my eyes with that image of him clearly upset. I hope he gets his wish and who is anyone to tell someone in that position what they can and cannot do. No one can say what its like, like being told sorry you have MND like this poor man being told sorry you can't get someone to help you end your suffering no can imagine how he feels unless they are there. I like Pete feel the same why I would I want to let my lovely wife watch my decline or any member of my family. I whole heartedly agree with Pete time to respect wishes of those who need help....


Robyn Copley-Hirst
21st June 2012, 10:10
Just a quick note to say I've changed the name of this thread so it's easier for people to find the subject

20th May 2013, 21:42
Hi all,

I lost my mum last night I together with my sister having been looking after her for many years,
She lived a great life coming up to her eightieth.Im posting this thread as Tony came into my mind,
The family were by her side holding her hands but although through mophine mum was in no pain
Because of kidney failure her lungs filled with fluid my mum drowned to death it took three painful
Hours to watch.I have had privalidge of owning 6 dogs,2 cats and 16 horses,in my time both my
wife and I have had to make heartbreaking decisions to end the life of our family pets for their dignity.
I understand there is a bill being proposed and debated in lords at this time I hope my family don't
Have to witness that situation when I go again, it is absolutely barbaric and medieval the controls
And laws need to be implemented now.


20th May 2013, 21:49
Hi Roy

So sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum, what a terrible way to die.
At peace now, thinking of you and your family

Love Chrissy

20th May 2013, 22:14
I'm so sorry Roy. The hardest thing in the world is watching someone you love slowly die. know she is at peace and your love lives on as will your relationship. Hugs x

20th May 2013, 23:13
Roy i am so sorry to hear your sad news.my thoughts are with you and your family. Sending a big hug and lots of love .caroline xxxx

20th May 2013, 23:56
Hi Roy,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. I am with you on the end of life laws, maybe discuss that more, but not right now.

Hugsz and love to you,

Carol xx

21st May 2013, 00:34
Hi Roy,
So sorry to hear of your Mum`s recent passing.

If it is any consolation to you Irene ,my wife, passed quickly and peacefully. She had breakfast and had her usual shower and hairwash and passed in moments as she was being dressed.

Condolences to you and your family on your loss.


21st May 2013, 14:03
Sorry to read about your Mum. My thoughts are with you.

22nd May 2013, 01:43
So very sorry Roy. Thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time. I hope the lifetime of your memories with her, and the love and bond you shared provide you with comfort.

CC xx

22nd May 2013, 13:22
So sorry to hear about your dear Mum, it must have been unbearable for you all to see her this way. She is at peace now and it must have been so difficult for you all. My thoughts are with you at this time. Love Diane

22nd May 2013, 19:31
Sorry to hear your sad news Roy.....love to you and yours....

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