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23rd June 2012, 13:59
I've been thinking,there's nigh on 70,000,000 people in this country and 5,000 are unlucky to have MND.I wonder what percentages have bulbar to als? and why the different places in our bodies where it first showed.

I still think this could be a virus such as the herpes zoster virus which is I believe is the shingles virus which again I believe you can only get if you have had chicken pox.I stand to be corrected on this.
Anyway I read a while back that this virus can hide in the brain undetected and my thoughts are it sits dormant until one day it decides to mutate and present itself as MND.

Perhaps, anybody that has thoughts on this matter may read this and offer a comment.

Also how many of us have had shingles which could prove interesting.

Warmest Regards Bob

23rd June 2012, 14:20
Hi Bob

Mick has never had shingles,but he did have an episode that put him in hospital with suspected meningitis a few years back, he had all the symptoms but no rash, they did a brain scan and kept him in hospital 4 days then released him putting it down to a virus. So it makes me wonder. Ang

23rd June 2012, 14:56
Hi angnmick,when I had shingles diagnosed I only had a few spots and that's why I am thinking on these lines as I don't think mine was full blown. Bob x ps I shall read up on it again.

24th June 2012, 11:52
Wow - this is interesting. Mark had shingles when he was young - it nearly killed him. He has scarring on his tummy from the shingles. He also about 10 years ago was rushed to hospital with suspected meningitus, brain scan, lumbar puncture etc - they put it down to a virus.

24th June 2012, 17:09
Hi, Bob has had chicken pox, not sure about shingles. Will get his GP to check. My daughter had shingles really badly and Bob was in contact. We think his MND may have started many years ago due to the symptoms he has experienced. In his youth, he played a lot of football and also did boxing. He was also in the TA. I have read about possible links to MND through these experiences.

25th June 2012, 12:11
Hi Big Bob,

The last time i asked it was about 25% of those diagnosed with MND had bulbar onset symptoms, to show first , I have not had shingles to date but it wouldnt suprise me if i did now , but i had chickenpox and so did my daughter ,when she was younger ,
For me i still keep thinking about my operation, and how close the nerves that work your tongue ,saliva glands and swallowing are all passing the site i had opened for the carotid, surgery, that all seems to much of a coincidence for me as it does for the speech therapist , who now when she visits me she says i dont seem to be fitting the profile of bulbar progression. and she is a very good at helping me to be honest probably the best in the team so far ,

I wouldnt rule anything out to be honest Bob,its been around a long time and still they dont appear to know much about it ,let alone coming up with at the very least a viable treatment. Mind you i am definately thinking about Having a massage to take my mind off things !!!!!.

cheers Matey


25th June 2012, 14:31
Hi Pete,hope you and the lovely Lynne are are OK,it would be great if it turns out yours is not MND and I will pray for you.
They do say if you've had chickenpox it manifests as shingles later on when the virus is doing it's rounds,and you can't get shingles without having had chickenpox, and at the moment chickenpox is very virilent as our 1yr.old grandson has it.
I read a piece that there's no known cure for the shingles virus,but doing a google cure for shingles , cayenne pepper could be the answer,so I shall batten down the hatches and give it a go.

Warmest Regards Bob

Ps.I had better accompany you on your trip to those awesome massueses in case they take advantage of you,then I expect Lynne will box your ears.

25th June 2012, 21:18
I had better get the cayanne pepper into all my meals as i have been suffering with shingles for a week now, re-emerged from the last time i had it in January but didn't rest properly as was looking after mum. Last had shingles 10 years ago. Keep you all posted in years to come if it mutates....

(ps I have had chicken pox twice as a child as have my kids) whereas my mum who had MND didn't have shingles but had chicken pox in her early 50s - really badly affected by it
re shingles- anti virals can help
take care all

PS my 9 year old told me to put a smiley on

26th June 2012, 14:13
Hey Luce tell your 9yr old thanks for the smiley we all need a bit of cheering up with this weather were getting.

Warmest Regards to you and yours family Bob X

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