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23rd June 2012, 20:08
I know this has been said before but if your cough is weak beware, I almost died last week. I went to A&E with what I thought was a chest infection they admitted me and put me on a ward, as I was recieving physio I choked and stopped breathing. I woke up 2 days later on ICU. It was massively scary. But I have made a good recovery so far and have been sent home with a v-pap machine, which I have to use at night. Just beware and get advice. It wasn't a chest infection either just secretions. The physios have shown my wife how to cough assist now as well which I believe will be invaluable.

23rd June 2012, 20:41
Thanks for the advice mik,
glad to hear you made a good recovery-lets see if stevie Garrard can do it tomorow.


23rd June 2012, 21:08
Hi Roy,

Is that the same Steve Gerrard to did that superb cross onto the little fat guys head who fell into the goal mouth and then took all the credit


23rd June 2012, 22:04
hi ya Pete,
yep thats the one-the one with the 30,000 hair transplant-good luck to him tomorow if he puts another 2 in the net I mwill no longer call him shrek.

24th June 2012, 19:31
Glad you are OK now
do you have a suction machine at home as this can help get the mucus up, and sleep with a hospital bed in a raised position, also the physio could help show you some breathing exercises to help get it up; also cupping on the back can help move it i think
scary i know

25th June 2012, 12:15
Hi Mik, what is cough assist if you don't mind explaining please.

Warmest Regards Bob

25th June 2012, 19:15
Hi Robert, cough assist is a machine that you can borrow from a respitory clinic (not sure if MNDA have any to lend out). It is a machine that can assist the cough, it needs someone to assist. my mum couldn't get on with it possibly because of the advanced bulbar symptoms.
found this on youtube

i do recall in a thumbprint there was mention of the cough assist machine some months ago so MNDA must be familiar. Mum's was brought round by a respitory physio, she trained me up and then we tried for a week or so but it was no good for mum, however it can be good for some people. the best thing mum found was the suction machine (also from the chest clinic or district nurse)- we had 2, 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs
best wishes

25th June 2012, 19:24
Hi. I used the machine in hospital and wasn't keen. What meant was that the physios showed my wife some manual techniques to help me cough like applying pressure to my diagphram when I cough, but it needs to be shown by a physio. But it does work.

26th June 2012, 20:38
Glad you're ok now Mik.

Best wishes

Sian XX

27th June 2012, 18:15
I'm so glad you're ok, Mik (((hugs)))

This is exactly why I post this thread http://forum.mndassociation.org/showthread.php?1076-Mucus-plug/

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