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27th June 2012, 06:29
from couple of weeks I have very irritated noise in my ears. its not really loud but 24/7 buzzing make me very unconformable.
have anyone have some experience?

27th June 2012, 10:06
Hi Max

My mum has been complaining of the same thing, she likens it to a train type sound. Doctors just put it down to tinnitus. I did a bit of research and came across this

Abnormalities in the muscles near the ear can cause objective tinnitus. One example is the case of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease). In this degenerative disease, the nerves that normally supply muscles die. The muscles that were supplied by those dying dead nerves will then atrophy. A muscle that is undergoing atrophy experiences tiny tremors called fasciculations. If you have fasciculations close to the auditory system, it can be heard as a sound. Other muscular causes of objective tinnitus are things that cause abnormal muscle movement, such as spasms. In fact, a muscle spasm in the stapedius muscle (attached to the small stapes bone in the middle ear) is known to cause objective tinnitus.

Doesn't offer any relief to your problem though I'm afraid.

Best wishes


27th June 2012, 10:22
Hi Max & Michelle.

Well thats what i call in depth posting , It makes my input very inferior. Oh well was going to say I have just cured my problems , Much the same as Max, i have had the buzzing for over two weeks and went to the GPs, he had a poke around and said nothing but wax , two weeks of olive oil daily and a quick pressure wash and its gone , did suggest tinnitus , but he said secretions seem to be a problem allied to MND and earwax build up is just that .Oh well good luck hope you find the answer it was driving me barmy i tell you ?


27th June 2012, 12:55
Hi Pete
The science bit was a cut and paste job from a website about tinnitus, I'm afraid there's very little depth at this end. So glad you cleared yours up with the oil treatment, this did work for mum for a while until she had a bad fall and banged her head quite badly, the doc checked her and said there was no wax unfortunately it was just wear and tear in her case, maybe due to deteriation of muscle who knows.
she combats the inner ear noise by having the tv on at the highest level, (which is lovely,not.). I do hope Max has wax (sorry for the poor rhyme Max) and like Pete says the oiling and pressure washing will sort you right out.

Best wishes


Ps remember though, don't put anything in your ears that is smaller than your elbow. An old gp taught me that one after perforating my eardrum with a hairclip.

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