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27th June 2012, 21:45

I'm hoping for the benefit of some experience as even my GP is struggling to know what to do next in terms of my medication. I've been struggling since January in trying to get something to work but we're not sure what our next alternative is.

From January I was on Baclofen but, even though this was a fairly low dose, it made my eyesight go a little strange. We tried again with Tizanidine but at only 6mg a day this has given me terrible stomach pains which no amount of painkillers would stop (it felt like cramp between my ribs), so I've had to stop taking that as well. The GP says my next alternative is Diazepam but I'm really wary of starting this as I know that it will probably make me tired. I still work full time in a senior management role and I'm worried that if I start Diazepam then I'm heading towards not being able to do my job properly any more (that might not be the case but it's why I'm resisting taking it).

I'm still taking Quinine for the night cramps and I have no problem with this, but what do other people use as a daytime muscle relaxant? I was hoping to do without but I don't think I can. I only stopped taking the Tizanidine this weekend and already I've had a couple of hard falls because I can't move my legs properly. My restless legs and muscle twitches are going mad and without anything in the day my muscles feel so stiff and sore.

Thanks in advance for any advice, even if this is not to fear the Diazepam!! :)


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