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25th January 2011, 18:22
Notice is hereby given that a formal complaint will be lodged with the Local Government Ombudsman in respect of the matter outlined below in ‘The complaint’. The respondent has 10 days to address the complaint.

Applicant: Graham Tatlock

Respondent: Bolton Council

The Complaint:

Bolton Council refuses to meet its statutory liability and obligations under the National Insurance Scheme and the National Health Service respectively, in the provision of essential safety equipment, namely a stair-lift.

The applicant is a registered Motor Neurone Disease patient of the National Health Service.

26th January 2011, 15:33
what? dont understand what your poinit is graham.

26th January 2011, 16:46
I suspect that he's rather upset and hopes that putting it out on the 'net get his predicament some attention.

26th January 2011, 22:51
Hi John,

As we move down the slippery slope of MND, insidiously we lose faculty. I have had three falls on my stairs, on one occasion my elbow went through a glass window in the front door. I was very fortunate not to sustain serious injury. My OT said I should make moves to arrange for a stair-lift. Quoted £4,500. A through floor lift, £25K-£35K. Removal and restoration costs, £15K. On these issues alone, costs total up to £55K. Government/Council has told me, I and others with savings >25K must fully fund this work.

What is the point of the National Health Service and me paying ~£200/300 per month in National Insurance?

Do people realise if they acquire a serious neurological condition, they are uninsured if they have savings of >25K?

Best wishes


28th January 2011, 17:32
Hi Graham,

I can understand where you are coming from. We have just had to have our house adjusted with a through floor lift and bathroom changed to wet room,this came in as a total of £28k and we fell into the poverty pit of not having any savings but earning pennies over the "expected income" so had to fund some of it via means testing, I had sleepless nights over this over an already stressful period of dealing with this awful disease, the mess of the house we were living in whilst it was altered and where would we get the money from. Now I have just learnt that once the 12mth warranty runs out on the lift, we will have to fund that too so it never ends and the lift is a neccessity not a luxury, but if we didn't live in our own house (which we are still paying mortgage for) it would be covered by the council. You have worked hard all your working life and now we seem to be getting penalised for needing the very insurance we have paid into all these years. Hope you can set a precident, Ang

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