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17th July 2012, 19:00
Please respond if you have had or not had any issues with safety of WAV conversions.

I have a problem that my NHS wheelchair department are unhappy with the docking arrangements and have raised a safety issue. The WAV converter disputes this, but did not in fact install the docking facility to the recommendations of the manufacturer. A stabiliser bar that is recommended by the manufacturer has not been fitted. It all is becoming rather legal, and I need evidence if anyone else has had this problem. Note my conversion does not use straps to secure the wheelchair.

I have contacted other converters but none so far have admitted having problems. Am I just the unlucky one.

I do not wish to publically specify the make of docking station or the WAV converter, but if you could send me a private message giving details of your WAV converter and the type of docking station, then this experience this may well be helpful.

Even positive responses indicating that you have not had problems with a particular WAV and docking station arrangement will be most useful.

Best wishes, Paul.

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