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28th January 2011, 19:50
Been looking in for a while but have finally plucked up the courage to say Hi!

I am Carly and I am 37....I live in Sherborne, Dorset with my hubby and 3 teenage children.
My Dad Richard, 67 years old now was diagnosed with MND last July but has had symptoms for 2 years or more.
My Dad lives opposite me in the road which is great as he lives on his own as my Mum left him 16 years ago now, so we are primarily his carers.

E-mail me or contact me through here!

Love to all

C x

28th January 2011, 19:55

29th January 2011, 09:55
Hi Carly, welcome

Robyn Copley-Hirst
29th January 2011, 15:40
Hi Carly, welcome to the forum :)


29th January 2011, 16:26
Hi Carly

Glad you have joined us


30th January 2011, 14:47
Hi Carly , my daughter is my carer , , with no hesitation she gave up her job to look after me im 58 , i also have a son who now does a lot of charity work for mnd , when sally wants a night out he comes and sits with me , .i was diagnosed last feb , although i dont eat and cant speak , im still in good spirits , we do a lot together , last march she asked me where would i like most to go , we ended up in vagas i had a great time , weve done loads since , and still hoping they find a cure whilst im still here i live in hope take care xx

20th March 2011, 16:49
I didn't know where else to post this so I thought I would reply to my 1st post.

My Dad, Richard died peacefully on Friday 18th March at 1.45 a.m. in St Margaret's Hospice in Yeovil.
He deteriorated quickly since Christmas and started to lose hope I think. He drastically went downhill last Sunday and by Thursday morning we managed to get him into a hospice. His oxygen levels went down to 54%. He drifted off into a sleep and never woke up. We didn't want to try and resuscitate him and prolong his suffering and pain and he passed away very peacefully, just how he wanted.
I feel empty, cold and numb. But he has no more pain.
The Hospice were compassionate yet professional, in his last few hours and since in death.
Sorry to put this on here but didn't know where else to put it. If it needs to be moved or removed I will understand.
I hope there is a cure soon, so others to do not have to go through this.

R.I.P. Dad, gone but never forgotten x x x


20th March 2011, 16:57
hi caroline im so sorry for your loss xx my heart goes out to you xxx kerri xxx

Ange M
20th March 2011, 19:41
Caroline, so sorry for your loss,
Ange x

20th March 2011, 20:21
Hi Caroline, sending you and your family a big hug. I am so sorry to hear your news, thinking of you and your family, lots of love, Lucy X Don't forget the forum and if you need to off load/ talk through things. X Lucy

Robyn Copley-Hirst
21st March 2011, 09:43
Really sorry to hear about your loss, Caroline. Luce is right. The forum is here for you too if there is ever anything you want to talk through with people who may be in a similar place to yourself.


hilary walklett
21st March 2011, 10:18
So sorry to hear your loss, Caroline. All our thoughts are with you.


21st March 2011, 11:13
So sorry to hear your sad news, we are all thinking of you. vanessa x

25th March 2011, 22:57
How are you Caroline? Been thinking of you, Lucy

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