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Jeff Hards
22nd July 2012, 21:03
Ladies & Gentlemen

Your Council Tax banding (as you will know) is worked out on thr ground floor space and size of your property. This is called a 'Propery banding' and decides the level of Council Tax you pay.

For MND sufferers, frequent house space available is diminshed by the amount of aids you have to store in the property. These aids such as Wheelchairs, mobility scooters, commodes etc reduce the amount of floor space in your property available to you.

Each Council has different rules, and you should check your own Council by contacting them, but generally speaking most will allow sufferers from MND to reduce their property banding by one level. For example, if your current property banding is Band D, you will be able to drop one band, thereby reducing your financial lliability by a few hundred pounds a year. I researched this after contracting MND and feel that all Carer's and Sufferers should be made aware of this fact. Good luck!

Jeff Hards

22nd July 2012, 21:16
Hi Jeff;
Yes I got a reduction last year and it was back dated about 6 months. Every bit of money helps.
Information on this and other fin
ancial matters are included in:-
Information sheet 22A - Benefits and entitlements (280kb)
Advice on the types of benefit and entitlement available, and whether you are likely to qualify, with guidance on how to apply.
On Mnda Web site
Cheers Terry

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