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7th August 2012, 14:11
Sorry for hogging the lime light on the threads today but here's another.What a waste of money,time and human resources
this Mars job is surely they know if there's INTELLIGENT life on Mars they will all be hiding, as they will know that what a mess man has made of our own planet.
Man can't, after 150years of knowing about MND and other diseases effect a cure or even remission.I am sure they have given Earth a very wide berth, half the population are starving,wars everywhere.I can imagine they tune in every night to watch their favourite soap PRIMITIVE EARTH.

Regards Bob

7th August 2012, 15:38
Hi Bob,

aggreed Bob, I think they should switch over the tv channel and watch team Gb win some more Golds,much more imprtant than looking for aliens mind you the new doctor who series looks good.

best wishes,


7th August 2012, 15:44
Hi Bob,

I'm sorry but I can't agree with you. Doing things like this defines what it means to be human. It represents the same spirit that will find a cure for this damn disease. It also cost less than half of the City bankers bonus pool at the end of last year. Now there's a case where people have forgotten what it means to be human and have just become sycophants.

So much for how we need the banks to make squillions for the good of the economy, I heard on the radio earlier that the PPI payouts are giving a boost to the real economy where all the QE failed!

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