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10th August 2012, 10:08
Continuing my research, I have just found out that my brother who was diagnosed with ALS MND has two mobile phone masts within about 300 metres of his house, one south-west and one north-east in Swakeleys Road, Ickenham. This link allows you to see masts in your area just by putting in a postcode or town:


The dangers of microwave radiation have been known for decades, and were linked to military service personnel in the early 80s as at the time the defence forces used this technology very early on for communications and in the navy specifically had a particularly high rate of cancers. I remember seeing a documentary in 1985 on the BBC about microwave radiation from pylons and underground power cables and circumstantial evidence of links to cancer, birth defects, depression and suicides. Funnily enough I've never been able to find this documentary on the web.

I fought with other neighbours to keep a mast from being put in my area about 15-20 years ago due to my worries about the side-effects and we eventually won the battle after writing numerous letters (some of mine were quite threatening!!) to the council. Unfortunately, many people are just too apathetic to do anything, maybe because they do not realise the dangers.

I notice that various links are giving circumstantial evidence of MND and other clusters of illness within 400 metres of a mast.



10th August 2012, 10:48
Interesting Paul, no masts near where Mic lived before moving in with me or near my house but funnily enough two masts near his last place of work where he spent an average of 45-50 hours per week, makes you wonder. Have checked close to my place of work and there are four! This may explain the difficulty my GP has with my fluctuating BP and myriad of unexplained symptoms.

10th August 2012, 17:18
I have rechecked the distance my brother and family are from these masts and it is nearer 100 yards (as the crow flies) than 300 yards. I'm seriously worried about his wife and children also. A friend of mine is about to move to a place surrounded by four masts and pylons with a seven month old baby. There sadly is so much apathy about the possible dangers.

14th August 2012, 17:13
I've added further details on this link today:


14th August 2012, 20:11
hi Paul,

Interesting read , know nothing about the mercury issue ,but the radio waves and emf and microwave links ,ohh yes ,worked in and around it all my life, The one thing i am sure of is that whatever you find ,it will be dismissed by the various depts , We tried years ago to warn folk about having the first mobile phones , pretty much no one wanted to know ,as the desire for wanting the latest must have very much overulled any health warnings , still does even now i bet no one ever reads the Advisory warnings about Rf off the mobiles antenna,and you still see folk walking about and driving with phones glued to there ears , Yes we know it. But getting anyone to act now its way too late , Communications is way above pharma companies in wealth so dont hold much hope in them admitting anything ,!! Do you .


15th August 2012, 11:07
Hi Pete,

I think we all know that big business and governments don't want to know and will do all they can to keep us unaware of their own concerns to avoid class actions while they aim for economic growth at all costs, but we can make ourselves aware and avoid these dangers. Those too ignorant too take note will be weeded out by natural selection.

For instance I don't use Wifi by my own choice as I've always deemed it potentially dangerous:




15th August 2012, 11:27
The effects of ionising radiation are well-known as it actually causes destruction of atoms in our bodies generating cancers etc.

It is assumed that non-ionising radiation causes no problems, which is very convenient for telecomms companies and governments.

You will notice the '???' under effects !!!




15th August 2012, 11:53
An interesting experiment here at around 5 mins into the video on an electrically sensitive person:


and lots of interesting links here :


20th April 2013, 20:35
I found MND cases at places where there was nothing between a person with MND and a phone mast. The Health Protection Agency had a researcher who found the same as I had found occuring with phone masts in several places. I can give you information if you wish.

21st April 2013, 09:28
Hello Scotland,

Just to let you know Paul Uk who posted the thread, has sadly passed away , and can only add his thoughts and research on several what might be causes of MN , and as far as I know there is no links to pretty much anything that's concrete , but it still raises the issues that some not all may well be triggered by both Toxins, viral, and most defiantly RF emanating from Radio masts , and I don't find it surprising at all that no official will ever admit to there being a link, because of what that entails to the public, but what Paul maintained was there was evidence to show there was indeed a health risk , but we each have our own views on what may or may not be the reasons , just hope they find one that proves to be the right one ,for all of us .


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