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15th August 2012, 21:30
Evening all,

I am just posting to ask if anyone knows of a good app that talks what you type? Mainly apps for iPad, but we may consider buying an alternative tablet if there is a good app we can use. Its for my grandma as she is losing the ability to write and thought we would test her on my bfs iPad and then if it works well, we are going to buy her one. She has a light writer but she won't use it. Thought something she can just touch would be better for her. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


16th August 2012, 09:49
Hi Nicola
,Well there are few out there suitable for iPad, I have tried several and settled on Speak it . It's simple to use and very cheap, that's a change for disability gear ?. The voices that come withe the ap are good but the ones available for under a pound are even better. It does what you want it too as long as she can use her fingers ok the keypad is very clear and big enough to not hit two keys, has phrase store too , can even use it for phone conversation


16th August 2012, 11:37
Thanks for the reply. I will check out speak it and see how she gets on with it. She is losing the the use of her hands, but hopefully she will still be ok to use it for the next few months. We want to help her as much as we can while we can.


16th August 2012, 20:09
Hi Nicola;
Here is the list of Ipad apps that are free/small price to you ever get the chance to try one.

* iSpeech – Free
* Locabulary – Free
* Verbally - Free
* NeoPaul & NeoKate – Free
* Text2Speech - $0.99
* Talk to me - $1.99
* Speak It! - $1.99
* Voice Generator - $2.99
I used a very good one at a disability show that worked very similar to the SL40 lightwriter. It seemed better but it cost over 100. Ask Mnda connect about a lightwriter, they can have recessed keys that help if your hand movement is not good.
Regards Terry

20th August 2012, 12:35
Hi Pete and Terry
Thanks for the information for IPad apps, I downloaded Speak It for hubby Dave and it's great and was only 1.49 much cheaper than Predictable which the speech therapist recommended which is 109!
I may have to confiscate the IPad some of the requests are rather rude!

20th August 2012, 15:15
Hi Gloria;
If Dave or you get a chance to use Predictable then try it. It is the one I was talking about earlier and can be used with a switch if hands get worse.
It is probably worth getting X-Mini 2 speaker (currently around 15) - Portable speaker that will happily sit inside the OtterBox Latch's pouch, charges by USB and significantly increases the voIlume of the iPad. It is also worth concidering a case to protect the I Pad, Griffin Survivor case (currently 22) - durable rubber casing to help prevent knocks and scrapes (an some falls) or OtterBox Latch case (currently around 26) - latches around the corners of the iPad and has a hand strap on the back, an optional neck strap and a pouch that can hold an external speaker.
You should be able to try Predictable in an Apple shop. Their is another free app, GridPlayer (Free) - GridPlayer has a fully functioning type and talk interface with text prediction (called Text Talker) and British male voice. GridPlayer also has some built-in phrases as well.
However, if you want to change settings and/or add phrases, then you have to purchase The Grid 2 software (about 360, from Sensory Software) to edit the phrases on a computer and upload them to GridPlayer, making not free.
Too much choice, Terry

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