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20th August 2012, 13:02
This reads as more of a Facebook entry rather than a Forum thread, but thought it might help others with news of the possibilities. I am driving again, with an automatic transmission car [because I have no strength left in my left leg/foot to engage a clutch] and with an infra red steering aid for one handed driving with my right hand [as I have no strength in my left hand to steer or operate controls signals etc]. It has been rather expensive for what I imagine will be short term [ie until the right hand goes]. However, I was encouraged to go for it by my Consultant, and my OT, in order to maintain independence for as long as poss; for morale and for quality of life. My wife doesn't drive, so we were both becoming housebound too soon. [For anyone interested, the hand control is a Londgesons R207 infr red 7 way function steering aid.!!!] M

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