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23rd August 2012, 08:54
Has anyone experience of taking anti seasickness tablets with Rilutek? We are sailing to Santander from Plymouth in September and I usually take something to prevent feeling sick. Any advice?

23rd August 2012, 11:54
Hi Treelover

I have no idea about that, but we have done that crossing 3 times in recent years, and they have all been totally calm. We had a lovely cabin with a balcony. I can thoroughly recommend the onboard cocktails!

Have a great time anyway.

Peaches xXx

23rd August 2012, 14:29
HI,I was on a cruise in April when we had some pretty rough seas. I was already using hyoscine patches for saliva control and taking rilutek. When sea was rough I also took kwells [oral hyoscine]. It was fine. I was the only one in our group who wasn't seasick!


23rd August 2012, 16:43
Thanks both of you. I have done the crossing a few times and it's never been calm! Mind you I feel sick in a rowing boat. Kwells has been my drug of choice in the past Chris, so I will probably stick with that. If I have Peaches' cocktails too I should sleep well and arrive in Spain before I know it!

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