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23rd August 2012, 10:23
Hi all,
Well after almost 6 weeks of being hospitalised through infections, and rapid deterioration, mum has finally returned home with her brand new feeding tube fitted. The anaesthetist gave us a blow by blow account of the procedure of the "pig" insertion (according to him it's a different way of insertion so it's called a pig in Sheffield not a peg???). Anyway it all went well and it has relieved the stress of having to find food that mum could actually swallow. We were also given a lovely rucksack for on the go feeding, so have pig will travel! After her reluctance of having it done mum wishes she'd had it done months ago as her energy levels have increased no end.
According to the hospital mum can stil have a small amount of puréed food for taste and pleasure, so I was interested to know what tasty things others have puréed cos I'm running out of ideas of what to cook.
Best wishes


23rd August 2012, 14:40
Hi, I am on pureed food and after a few false starts and upsets we were advised to buy a blender. Now I eat what everyone else is eating with the proviso that there is plenty gravy/stock/juice as I need it to be quite sloppy but easily picked up on a fork.


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