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2nd September 2012, 18:24

My husband suffers from excessive saliver, he has PMA which he has had for four years now and gradually getting worse. Our Doctor at the Hospice recommended Hyoscine patches and also Kwells but neither seem to work he has also tried Glyucopyrronium Bromide solution in a drink again with no success. He is feeling very down as nothing seems to work I wonder if anyone has any solutions as I know this is a common problem.


2nd September 2012, 18:53
Hi Annie
I started with hyoscine patches but became allergic to them and kwells were no good. I was then prescribed amitriptyline 10mg at night.That didn't help so I increased to 20mg but unfortunately had side effects. Now I take 10mg amitrityline at night and 1mg glycopyrronium br early afternoon. That has been ok but I will need to increase the glycopyrronium but I know I can take 1 or 2 as required - they all go through PEG.


2nd September 2012, 19:34
hi,hubby was prescribed citalopram 20mg one a day for mild depression and it is really helpful.the hospice consultant said it was also for excessive saliva which he doesnt have as he has als version but he said it really dries his mouth out so it sounds like the right tablet for both of you so its worth asking for .hope this helps caroline xx

2nd September 2012, 19:53
Thank you Jonesy and Caz

We are willing to try anything as he is getting very down. His speech is slowly going and because of the saliver he has problems speaking especially in the mornings, all very depressing but we soldier on!!

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