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8th September 2012, 13:07
Just to bring you up to date with my recent 5 days in respite or spite as I was calling it.I couldn't have been in better hands,choice of shower, bath or bed wash every morning carried out by two lovely ladies,choice of full english breakfast,porridge, cereals or toast,hand fed.
Lunch or should I say dinner, first, drinks trolley with wines beers or spirits if inclined,followed by 3 course, 3 choices each course dinner,hand fed by volunteer(brilliant people)I could have a drink or eats anytime of day or night.
Supper was choice of 3 courses the main being a sandwich,something on toast or omelette what more can I say it was only a tad behind being at home with Saint Pat my wife.
I am not going to disclose where this is as the queue will be so long I'll never get back there, sorry about that .
Hand on heart this is all true.

Warmest Regards Bob

8th September 2012, 14:50
glad you had a good stay and hope your daughter found a wedding dress.our daughter gets married 2 weeks today and hubby hoping to walk her down the room but his right leg keeps giving way.arms already gone so i said if needs to i will push them both in the wheelchair! that will be novel.he fell again last week and still waiting for through floor lift and adaptations so am going to fight to get temporary stairlift or he will break his neck falling down stairs.coincidentally local councillor visiting our street monday so will invite them in and get them to see how dangerous our situation is and threaten nicely to sue the pants off them for taking so long on approving changes .it will cost them a damn sight more in negligence costs than getting the promised job done ..i really dont think they understand how hard it is for us.ot came tuesday and got stuff coming next tuesday to help me get him out of bed . manual wheelchair came thursday cant have electric until adaptations are done.ot arranging care help for me as i dont have the physical strength to support his weight bless him.only diagnosed march thats now both arms one leg core muscles and neck but we still try and be positive every day.when his wheelchair came it had his name and address on and my son asked why and he said so your mother doesnt try and leave me anywhere!!lol .oops have rambled a bit but i can really say what i feel on this forum and it helps me tremendously.when is your daughter getting married?caroline x

8th September 2012, 22:20
Hi Bob,

I stood down the rescue team when my spies reported you were carrying on like 007 at Monte Casino! Welcome back.

9th September 2012, 12:21
Hi Caz, Thanks for your reply and sorry to read about the troubles you are experiences, and I hope they get things sorted pronto. Our daughter is not getting married until February, dress is sorted and on order.I know how your husband feels,both my legs and one arm useless,other arm 90% had it,hands clawing,typing is getting a pain, literally.

Anyway as I keep saying there will be a cure tomorrow,I can't wait for this party were gonna have.

Take care and warmest regards to you all Bob xx

9th September 2012, 12:33
Hi Graham,well I must admit it was a bit like that,women everywhere reacting to my every whim,one day i was fed grapes whilst laying in bed I admit it wasn't Cleopatra feeding them, but when i squinted it could have been.
Hope your coping and getting the support you need now Graham.
Warmest Regards Bob

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