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10th September 2012, 13:50
I rarely use our landline phone now because my speech is so poor and most people cannot understand me. Does anyone know if it is possible to register a home landline number with local emergency services so that they know the caller is speech impaired. Alternatively could I send a text to any of the emergency services?

10th September 2012, 15:18
Hello Miranda,

know the feeling well, Unless it's changed since I gave up work, It had to be a human Voice ie a real person before any emergency service would respond, because of all the questions they ask you, having said that we would fit medical alarms ,but they are monitored by third parties who then deal with whatever you need them to do, comes at a cost ,but doesn't everything else when it comes to disability


ps, You can now register your mobile phone with the police for a response with a SMS text message, worth checking if this is available in your location

10th September 2012, 15:29
Hi Miranda,
A good friend of mine who is deaf uses sms 999 to text but uses a mobile phone for this, full information is on the net.hope this is of some help.

best wishes.


10th September 2012, 19:33
My mum had a piper alarm fitted, if she activated the button (light pressure one) and they could not understand her or was not near the control system as she could not speak then they would have called us.

social services can install them, you should be able to get it free (i hope)- not sure if it is means tested
best wishes

10th September 2012, 21:32
Hi Miranda,

I have a "lifeline" fitted with smoke, co2 detector, falls pager and emergency pull cords and most importantly a keysafe, which only the call centre have the PIN for. If I cannot speak e,g fall withing proxmity they will call the emergency services. It was arranged via my Adult Social Services OT and at the moment I dont have to pay for the service and to be honest i wouldnt mind paying for it. Peace of mind and if in the future my voice is affected i can push the call button and know that some help is on its way.


Steve Corfield
12th January 2013, 13:26
Hello Miranda, you can contact the emergency services using your mobile. You have to register your mobile at www.emergencysms.org.uk or you can text register to 999 then follow the instructions. When my wife, Anne was able to use her mobile i set all the speed dial numbers to one persons number so if she needed help she only had to press any one of the number keys and the person would know Anne needed help. I hope this is useful for you.

Take care.


13th January 2013, 14:50
Thanks. I have now registered and feel relieved that if there is an emergency I can text the emergency services. My husband is diabetic and it has always worried me that if something happened to him or some other emergency occurred I would not be able to make myself understood on the phone. I will try to spread the word about this service - perhaps others could contact their local MNDA branch and ask them to put details in their newsletter and perhaps Andrew could ask that it goes into Thumbprint.

15th January 2013, 11:05
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