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10th September 2012, 19:02
The loss of any strength in my left hand and arm is causing the ,left shoulder and neck muscles to very painfully tighten as the shoulder seeks to work to compensate for the weakness. I cannot sleep on that side. My physio has been trying to ease the problem with heat pads and massage. However, a colleague in his multi-disciplinary team has asked if I would like to consider acupuncture. I am nervous about trying it - has anyone out there experience of acupuncture to ease some MND 'consequence' or generally, or a view. There was an article in the paper last week suggesting it had no use other
than as a placebo.Mel...

10th September 2012, 19:27
Hi mel,

To be honest I have not tried it since I got MND, but for a long time before due to rolling around in the roads after coming of the bike a couple of times it did ease the back issues and aches , I guess for some it works others it has no effect , like so many other things ,if it works for you well why not ,not a million miles from EMG studies so i think its worth a shot ,and does no harm if it does nothing. unlike so many pills out there .


10th September 2012, 19:29
Hi. I have been having weekly acupuncture since diagnosis in April. My acupuncturist believes that by strengthening the whole body and sorting out all the different flows it gives me the best chance at coping with the disease. I have only deteriorated a little since diagnosis. Whether this is due to the acupuncture or Rilutek or any of the other things I am trying is hard to say. However the acupuncture cured my hayfever which has blighted my summers for 40 years. After 3 treatments it just disappeared! That has been an unexpected bonus. It lifts my spirits too I think, as the positive energy flows. Possibly a load of mumbo jumbo but it seems to be helping me. Give it a try.

10th September 2012, 19:34
Hi Mel

My husband has been doing acupuncture for years! It is not as painful as it looks. But I could not tell you the effectiveness of it on MND, because he does not have this illness. He does however have cervical problems causing pain in neck, shoulders, back and loss of feeling in his hands. He does get relief with acupuncture but only for a short period of time. He does this therapy once a week and the relief is only for about a week or so until his next appt.

11th September 2012, 13:15
i have acu more then 6 month done weekly and.......this give me some booster but don't know abbot sickness because still slowly progressing
this give me some mental felling im doing something right for me and nothing harmful so... maby this give me some but not really sure

11th September 2012, 13:20
you've nothing to lose Mel,these articles we read in the papers are usually ONE persons view,we all quote things like"They say too much sex can make you blind" a poor example I know but you know what I mean(where's my glasses)when you read the film review and it's not rated at all,it's one critics view, it's probably not your view.There's been some good results with different ailments with acupuncture it's like the old saying "what suits one don't suit another " give it a go.

Warmest Regards Bob x

11th September 2012, 15:57
Thanks everyone - I'm tempted. Mel

11th September 2012, 16:11
Mel ,

Try it and let's us know the results, nothing ventured and all that ?.


11th September 2012, 23:38
I had accupuncture for a long time because of RSI and more recently after arm problems following feeding mum. Really think i would not have much use of my arms/ hands without the benefit of accupuncture. Don't have MND

Think there is no harm in trying it

My mum found benefits from kinesiology and then later Bowen therapy,. i think people need to find their own things that may help with symptoms, i know mum could swallow food or fluid for a fews days after Bowen therapy and it also helped her with pain relief

best wishes

12th September 2012, 07:57
Id like to put some points across (scuse the pun!! ha ha ha!!)....

Acupuncture is a very old system of healing. There is no belief system attached to it. Of course, the media will always, ALWAYS put a negative spin on non-conventional medicines/healing systems, because they dont want to understand it. (...but they can push the mad and bad fad diets!! Amazing, isnt it?!)

Acupuncture and other holistic therapies will treat the person as a whole, not just the symptoms. Therefore, they will address the muscle pain/weakness, but take into account other factors, whatever they may be, which may be contributing to the malaise.
And that can only be good!

Fact that the colleague asked for you to consider his/her help seems pretty positive to me - means they are passionate about helping people, and have confidence in the therapy they perform.

Of course, they wont be able to 'cure' you, but I bet they can help you by relieving some of the symptoms - give it a go, its gotta be worth a try, surely.

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