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11th September 2012, 19:58
Hi everyone. Hope you are keeping as well as can be expected!!!

The last twice I've had orange juice, it's really upset my stomach. I've had abdominal pain and vomiting. Is this just me or has anyone else experienced anything similar.

Take care everyone,
Siān XX

11th September 2012, 21:40
Hi Sian,

Not sure if This is the same thing ,but it's only been since I was in the first year of MND, but I had to avoid Oranges ,lime ,lemon, anything acidic really , the MND nurse seemed to think it was acid reflex ,not pleasant,but having stopped drinking those type of drinks i dont suffer anymore , they put me on omeprazole and take it still , never had a problem since, with anything, maybe it will help you ,hope so.


12th September 2012, 15:06
Hi Pete,

I've also been given Omeprazole for reflux, but it hasn't helped with the problems with orange juice. So, I'll just have to avoid it from now on!! I didn't have a problem with it before I was diagnosed.

Thanks so much for your reply.

Take care,


12th September 2012, 15:18
Hi Sian,

Sorry cant find the little thingy for over the a in your name, I can drink the innocent form of orange drinks along with all the others made by the same company without any problems ,have no idea why, but worth a try if you haven't tried already.


12th September 2012, 17:17
Hi Sian - also put on a variety of .'.......prazoles' for acid reflex,for unidentified cause. Quite useless, and symptoms went away on their own in the end. No problem with fruit juices. Some side effects initially with Riluzole 'at the other end' [!] but that settled too. Good luck . [er..visited your inbox lately!?]

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