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12th September 2012, 19:20
Hello everyone. Does anyone have any adice about how to turn over in bed. I bought a new mattress thinking it would make it easier and it's helped a bit. The problem is in my legs and since I broke my shoulder I can't pull easily on the bed hand rail. I just can't get comfortable and end up exhausted by the morning. Even the cat's had enough. Biscuit.

12th September 2012, 19:58
Hi Biscuit;
Life is hard enough without breaking one’s shoulder. I have a electric hospital type bed with high grab rails on both sides. On the mattress I have a wendylet silk base sheet and between me and it I use a silk scarf. It is quite slippery so not so much effort is required to move.
You can get a mattress that moves around by air and they help soreness but they can be quite hard to sleep on. Get in touch with your district nurse and your OT for ideas and help. I am probably trying to teach you to suck eggs being you were a nurse.
Best wishes Terry

12th September 2012, 22:01
Not at all Terry, I have only been diagnosed since Febuary so these problem are new to me. A silk sheet sounds like a really good idea, or as you mention it, we used slide sheets in hospital, you can get slide sheet tubes that roll with you when you turn, I expect they will have them on Amazon. Have you tried these? Biscuit.

13th September 2012, 08:21
Hi Biscuit,

My mum is unable to turn herself at all so it is up to my Dad. Linked to what Terry has said what we find makes a big difference is satin/silk PJs. I am not sure if they would work in combination with a silk sheet as there would be no.little friction but it is part of our solution for Mum.

Hope you find something that works for you.


13th September 2012, 11:37
Hi Biscuit;
I hope your shoulder is repairing, how long ago did you break it.
Slide sheets should be available through district nurse or OT. They might not like you using them on the bed because they are concerned about you falling off and claiming. They might be happy if there is someone to turn you. I have one so that I can be moved if I fall on the floor. I also find them a bit sweaty as I run a bit hot.
Most of the year I clamp a large sheet to the foot board and to my high grab bars making a tent. (I feel a lot of sarcastic comments coming). This means that I am cooler and I don’t have any sheets etc to deal with when I am turning.
Try to speak to OT etc. as it helps build a care team around you even if you don’t use them. Your future welfare is as only as good as the team you have around you.
Love Terry

13th September 2012, 12:04
Hello Terry,
I broke my right shoulder in March but it has left me with limited range, the arm feels much weaker than the left making thing more difficult. I will get on to the O.T. as you suggested. I love the tent thing though, It would be like being in the brownies again only with a kindle and a torch.

Thanks Biscuit.

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