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14th September 2012, 21:57
I've been having real problems getting Gylcoprromium prescribed for me. My consultant has ok'd it but my GP says she can't prescribe it and says it has to be prescribed by a consultant. I feel like piggy in the middle. My saliva is so out of control I'm getting through at least a box of tissues a day despite taking amitriptyline and atropine. Any advice or suggestions please?


14th September 2012, 22:16

I have been prescribed glycopyrronium by my gp. It looks as though it is a 'special' so likely expensive but in my case at least I am not expecting to need it for a long time. Try again with your gp. [I am a retired gp]


15th September 2012, 08:58
Hi Rosie,Saliva does seem to be a problem with MND John takes amitriptyline and wears two scoperderm patches to dry it up but we too are struggling to control it.It would be okay if we got tissues on prescription.I am lucky in one way I have a freind who gets them in bulk from the cash and carry.We can use up to ywo boxes a day now x

15th September 2012, 12:23
Hi Rosie Initially my GP said OK to glycopyrronium but when she ordered it, was refused because of the cost. I persevered and discovered she ordered the wrong type of glycopyrronium. What I now have is glycopyrronium bromide oral suspension 1mg in 5ml. I am prescribed 1-2 mls added to water up to 3 times daily. But I take 2mls in water twice a day. It can be given via a PEG. As Jonesy says it is a 'special'. This has not solved my saliva problems but has certainly reduced it and the profits for the tissue manufacturers are down!!

21st September 2012, 14:17
Thank you Jonesy, Irene and Miranda for your really helpful advice. After numerous emails I eventually found out from.my GP that it is Bucks PCT that won't allow Gylcopyrronium to be prescribed. So it really is a postcode lottery. But we've got round it by asking my Consultant, at the John Radcllife which is Oxfordshire, to prescribe it. He says it's in the post to me (haven't received it yet, hope it's not like the proverbial cheque!) He's emailed me to say it can be collected at my local chemist, and what's more, as I will then be taking a prescribed medication my GP can write repeat prescriptions. Tallk about politics - have you ever heard of anything so daft. All I wanted was to try it as anything got to be better than having a tissue stuffed permanently stuffed in my mouth! Rosie xx

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