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15th September 2012, 15:28
recently in june i had a bit of a rant about being charged 30 quid for a drs form.i mentioned it to someone at mnda who sent a letter saying how disappointing to hear that ,considering hubbys diagnosis.we heard nothing and then today got a refund of 30 quid.what a result.thanks to mnda for intervening.hubby getting worse fell couple of times once right at top of stairs which scared us.hoping to get temp stairlift next week or so until council get a move on with dfg.apparently still waiting for a quote 2 months down the line.give me the no. i will invite them to our house and shame them into hurrying up.going to sit in the sun now and relax cos im fit to burst at the moment with the stress of it all caroline xx

15th September 2012, 17:07
Hi Caz,

Great news , what would have been so much better all round was them having the decency not to have charged it in the first place, but that's life, Does you hubby use any aids in the house, like a frame or walker, I know I dread going past the top of our stairs always keep well back now after having a few close ones.
I know it's easy to say but try to relax and cool down, have long cool drink ?



15th September 2012, 22:30
hi pete,have no aids like that as he cant use his arms so living on a wing and a prayer.been decorating all day with my sister and daughter and kept getting the giggles,we encourage each other something terrible.lol.got more to do tomorrow .got manual wheelchair but cant push him in it ,cant get leccie one till adaptations done ,cant get manual past bottom stair step as it sticks out too much havent got ramps as waiting for dfg.round and round we go.but--daughter getting married next saturday so really looking forward to it.wedding photos will be interesting,hubby will need his wheelchair for safety,future son in law on crutches as damaged his leg,nephew fell down stairs and broke his foot so on crutches and disabled sister will have her crutch.yikes !!! caroline xx

15th September 2012, 23:00
hi Caroline,

Your well blessed then it's going to look like one of our meetings ? Hope it all goes well for you all and the hubby manages ok, and that you finally get the alterations done it will make life that bit easier for you all.


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