View Full Version : My scooter needs a home

16th September 2012, 12:33
I have a pride go go lx in used condition but working great.

Check here for spec (http://www.discountmobilitydirect.co.uk/mobility-scooters/travel-mobility-scooters/pride-go-elite-traveller-4.aspx?gclid=CJPuwcWMurICFUELfAodf3wAnQ)

I am willing to give for free to any fellow sufferer or 100 to anyone else, must collect.


16th September 2012, 13:22
Thanks Chris for the offer;
I have had a gogo + for three years now and they are a great small scooter. I hope someone with Mnd gets some use out of your one.
All the best, Terry

Alan Livett
9th October 2012, 03:00
Hi Chris. Sorry about the time but insomnia rules. I would be interested in your scooter if it is still available. I was diagnosed with mnd six weeks ago although it appears I've had it for the last 4 years! I live inbradford west Yorkshire. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Alan Livett

9th October 2012, 10:49
Hi Chris,

Good to hear from you,a very kind and great offer to someone, just wanted to say youve been missed on here of late.
wishing you the very best.


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