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18th September 2012, 18:51
Hi everyone

Things are now moving quite quickly....my dad is downstairs on a hospital bed, the chc assessment has been started by the district nurse and the social worker is coming tomorrow to meet with the family for the first time. Pallative care has been mentioned and macmillian nurses. Although my dad has been very reluctant to have carers he has now finally agreed as it begins to take its toll on the family. He now pretty much needs 24/7 care....the night shift is the worse...up every 30mins-1hour turning him over, checking his feet are not crossed over each other and passing him the wee bottle!

I was just wondering if any carers on here has been given the option of direct payments and if so how much money you recieve? I would love to care for my dad but need to pay the bills at home. I can have 6 months unpaid carers leave from work so I am definitely looking at this as an option.

I hope you are all ok - feel like its been forever since I posted!!

18th September 2012, 21:55
Hi paris,

Your right it has been a while ,hope your ok, sorry to hear about your dad, I think we all know what is to come ,it don't make it any easier to deal with, Give my best wishes to your mom and dad, I hope you get the info you need ,there is always connect i am sure they will know about the direct payments or if they dont they will know who can help.

Best Wishes


21st September 2012, 23:55
Hi Paris, Sorry to hear about your Dad. Perhaps an adjustable hospital bed with a wave mattress might be helpful. It helps stop pressure sores from forming and might help those on the night shift to get some sleep. My husband has this. As for the wee bottle problem, maybe the Occupational Therapist could help suggest some equipment that would improve the situation. If your Dad is awarded Continuing Healthcare Funding, then I think that the NHS, not social services, will fund all his care needs, including paying for carers. I don't know if family members can be paid carers. It might be best to ask the lead professional (may be the community matron or district nurse) for advice, unless anyone else on the Forum can advise. Hope this helps. Good luck and I hope you get formal recognition of your role as carer so that you can continue take care of your Dad and pay the bills. Gwen

20th June 2013, 17:41
chris had 24 hour care plus 2 PA's we got 16 hours each but iv heard people have more. its upto the person you look after how much you get i was getting 8.50 an hour. hope that helps x

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