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20th September 2012, 12:19
I have just heard that Poet Chris passed away on Monday afternoon.
So sad. Rest a while now Chris, and thank you for all your poems.

20th September 2012, 12:34
Sorry to hear the news. My condolences to Christopher Robin's family and friends.


20th September 2012, 13:15
God bless you Chris, Bob & Pat

20th September 2012, 13:56
So sorry to hear Chris has passed away . R.I.P

20th September 2012, 17:41
Here is a link to Christopher Robin's You Tube site for those who don't know his work.


Maybe if we all have a look we might bring MND to a wider audience who will gain some insight into the disease from his work.


21st September 2012, 00:36
So sorry to hear the news, thinking of his family and friends
It is strange how this forum brings people together, for after he did not post for a while i found myself often wondering how he was
take care all

21st September 2012, 00:41
My tribute to Poet Christopher,

When we smiled, the world smiled back,
We fell upon MND, and we frowned,
Why me? what is this?
Hideous contortions I must bare.

Do you not see me, under this mask?
Then my friends turn their back.

Relentless, deeper, into the dark,
The mask is tighter, breathing hard,
Do I deserve this, does God exist?
If only you knew what I am going through.

My burden is too much for the ones I love,
I am on my own, the end is nigh.

Through pearly gates, what do I see!
Good, bad, evil, it isn't a dream,
What we live for is not part of God's plan,
Au contraire, what will be, will be!

19th November 2012, 13:09
Im weeping over this news, i loved reading Christopher`s poems


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