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21st September 2012, 00:33

My wife has just received a Jury Summons. As a MND suffer, would she be excused for the jury duty? She is wheelchair bound, slurring in speech and needs attention for all sorts all the time.


21st September 2012, 00:40
Hi Daniel
I suppose it depends, does your wife want to engage in jury service, if so then there should be no barriers for her to do so, however if she feels unable to do so then she would need to ensure a letter is written, with medical evidence expalining why
extract from direct.gov below:

Asking to be excused from jury service

If you can't do jury service at any time during the next 12 months you must state the reason on the form. You’re normally asked to give evidence - like a letter from your doctor about a medical condition you have.


21st September 2012, 01:22
Hi Luce,

My wife does not object to take up the duty but physically she would be too exhausted to follow the proceeding. Just having a disability is not a reason to be excused. I wonder whether the disabilities associated with MND are good enough reason to be excused. Somebody in this forum may have the similar experience.


21st September 2012, 10:17
yes - she will be excused. You must apply - how to do so will be set out in the papers you have received. [moons ago it was part of my job to summon jurors] m

22nd September 2012, 01:53
Hi Mellonius,

Thanks for the advice. Daniel

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