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22nd September 2012, 09:07
daughter getting married today and its going to be great.unfortunately after fall tuesday and being sent home saying just bruising dr turned up on our doorstep saying they had a bed waiting his shoulder was fractured and needed pinning!hubby said no way is he missing wedding so they will have to wait till monday.he had wanted to try and walk her few steps but is resigned to being in wheelchair as he is in pain.so just going to have a bloody good time because it looks like he will be in hospital for his 50th birthday next week.carolinex

22nd September 2012, 10:35
Hi Caz,

Wishing all the very best for Today Fingers Crossed all goes to plan.

22nd September 2012, 15:01
It is still a beautiful sunny day so far in Northamptonshire so hope all is going well on your daughter's big day.

22nd September 2012, 19:39
Hope you all had a wonderful day x

22nd September 2012, 20:19
thankyou everyone.the sun carried on shining and everything was fantastic.my daughter looked stunning and i managed not to cry.a very treasured memory to keep.laid back stress free and very special.it would have been my dads birthday today so it was extra special.it was my birthday yesterday and hubbys next week .crikey im a mother in law now.lol caroline x

22nd September 2012, 20:37
Hi Caroline and Rob,

really pleased you two and all the family had a great day in the sunshine.

very best wishes


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