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24th September 2012, 06:37
Hello Friends,

What types of health problems are needed to qualify to have gastric bypass surgery? Do you only qualify if you have severe health problems caused by this or could you qualify if you have smaller health problems like knee arthritis & breathing problems? Most of my family is obese and have heart disease, sleep apnea. Would they take that into consideration? My sister had gastric bypass surgery with a starting weight at 208 and is down to 128. What health problems are needed in order to qualify for gastric bypass surgery? I don't think she had any medical problems due to her obesity.

Thanks in Advance
Lucy James :confused:

24th September 2012, 11:03
Hi Lucy James,

Forgive me for stating the obvious , If you have a sister, ?? and if she had a bypass? ,would it not be better to ask her, I doubt if many on this forum have had that problem, but maybe, ifyour family ate less and exercised a little more that would help ,You did not, since you clearly do not have any idea about MND ,. say what type of MND you suffer from or are you a carer or maybe neither, I think the latter is correct. maybe wrong ,would love you to prove me wrong .

ps Shot in the dark, would you know anything about cuban cigars by any chance

24th September 2012, 11:14
what precicely has gastric bypass surgery got to do with mnd?

24th September 2012, 11:45
Hi caramel

I suspect it's just another back door sales ploy, but if wrong will say sorry ,but I doubt it, Hope you well and your moms ok at the moment.


24th September 2012, 12:09
Hi Pete,

Good work inspector Morse and I would not recommend taking up smoking cuban cigars or drinking slimfast.

best wishes.


24th September 2012, 12:23
Hi Roy,

Have tried both and can only agree mate , hows thing with you , I just wish we would get someone on who offered something of use and just came out with it, why all the rigmaroll and pretending to be what they are not , I know for certain i want some alloys for the rollator and i hear miranda wants some flashing lights for hers so why dont we get these items on offer

24th September 2012, 16:03
Coz nobody knows or understands what mnd is until they are in the middle of the hell.

hey Pete, I'm having an emotional blip at the moment, mums hands are weaker and shes getting foot drop now, I don't think her voice is any worse at the moment, but I'm not sure whether it's because I've tuned into her.

24th September 2012, 16:22
Hi caramel,
Sorry to hear about the blip, have no doubt it will pass and you will be fine , Its fair to say i think if you do not see someone for a while you notice the changes a lot more, but seeing them frequently ,MND kinda sneaks up on you in a very subtle way, it has for me , and the wife she gets to see me every day (lucky her) so for her the changes are much less noticeable until someone points it out to her. Best wishes to you and mum.


24th September 2012, 18:19
LOL You are to funny Pete!!


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