View Full Version : I lost my Dad - now I'd like to help

28th September 2012, 22:05
Hi everyone, I am Gemma and I am 29. my Father passed away 3 years ago after being diagnosed with MND - one of the worst (quickest to progress) strains. I witnessed what a cruel disease it is, but also how positivity can get you through and the importance of having a strong support network. The MNDA was one of the links my Dad and I had to getting that support and meeting people who were going through the same thing. I now live in Greece and am running two races; one this Sunday 30th September and a half-marathon in October too. I have set up a web-page where Im am trying to raise money, and awareness, in memory of my wonderful Dad whom I miss dearly every single day. If you would like to take a look at it where there is lots more information, that would be fantastic!!! Spreading the word is also important to me as I know personally, we had not even heard of the disease before my Dad's diagnosis, never mind how terrible and fatal it can be. I hope I can see one day that there will be a cure or atleast a way to control/make the quality of life better for those affected . If anyone has any questions or wants to talk I would be more than willing.


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