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2nd October 2012, 09:35
Ifind i now need a scooter for holidays and shopping i have no idea what to look for it also needs to fold up to put in boot has anyone any info? thanks

2nd October 2012, 16:26
Hi, my husband needed a mobility scooter and it had to be one that I could pick up myself and put in the book of the car. The majority of them were too heavy for me to lift even when they were broken down, the lights part weighing 33lb which is very heavy when lifting from the floor.

We have just bought a scooter from Betterlife, they are part of Lloyds Pharmacy and the heaviest part only weighs 24lb and I can manage getting it in and out of the car. It breaks down into 5 pieces and we only have a VW Polo but we can fit it all in the book okay. Betterlife are only on the internet so hopefully you or someone you know could have a look at it for you. I think it was called a superlight. Obviously this is not one of the all terrain ones but is great for shopping and getting about locally.

Hope this helps.


2nd October 2012, 18:23
Hi Mjp;
I have had a Gogo plus for three years and it has been brilliant. It has larger wheels and battery compared with the standard one.
Freedom to move, Terry

4th December 2012, 23:30
My husband uses an electric mobility ultralight for travelling abroad. It has four wheels (I would advise against the 3 wheelers because of instability) It breaks into four pieces, so that it can be put in the boot of most cars. And a dry battery. We bought it second hand from e -bay, always a bit of a risk, but it has payed off for us.

4th December 2012, 23:38

got one of these for sale .... can't use it anymore :(

5th December 2012, 15:11
Hi all
Diane- - seems we are just around the corner ! Better watch out if your husband and I are on the pavements of Surbiton at the same time , we may literally bump into one another !i am due to have one delivered ( it is having a respray !) but I like the sound of the Betterlife model - have to tell the wife - she loves shopping on the Internet. Oooops must go - another Amazon delivery is here

Have a great day all.


6th December 2012, 10:24
Hi i bought the ultra light ideal for shopping and going away it is very light and easy to assemble when it first arrived kids used it round the kitchen as wacky races by the way when i say kids they are all mid twentys. IT does what i want very light and looks good.

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