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2nd October 2012, 21:16
Hi All

Mum needs a new bed as hers is as hard as a rock and she is getting back pain. Does anyone recommend a particular type of bed maybe a profiling one? dont know that much about them only that she needs something that will give her some support as well as some comfort.
Many thanks
Kate x

3rd October 2012, 07:49
My OT and district nurses provided me with a hospital bed. Not only does it provide comfort and support but it does everything apart from sing and dance.

Steve Corfield
3rd October 2012, 08:15
My wife's OT supplied her with a hospital bed and also a pressure relief mattress to guard against getting bed sores. You can adjust the mattress to how soft or hard you like it.

5th October 2012, 16:15
there are different types of hospital beds, i think deffintly one with electricity/ air- but mum had to work hard at getting a more comfy one as some of them are not too good- in plymouth they only have a limited stock of the good ones

5th October 2012, 20:35
Hi Kate

I use a Tempur and find it the best bed I ever had.


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