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3rd October 2012, 08:04
Hi all, my son is experiencing horrible pains which he says gets into his bones. We have tried lots of different pain treatments, to no avail, his last prescription was for tramadol which made him feel sick and gave no real relief. I would appreciate any advice on alternatives, we have a GP appointment coming up to discuss a way forward. He is pretty much in constant pain and is desperate for a good nights sleep.


3rd October 2012, 08:44
I use a combination which works for me with no adverse side effects.
Ibuprofen for children, a liquid which I can put through my peg.
Matrifen patches which is a synthetic morphine. You just change the patch every three days.
I did spend a fortnight in the local hospice while they tried different medicines and combinations until they found the ones for me.
I know hospice provision varies greatly but it might be worth an enquiry.
Best to you.

4th October 2012, 20:58

I find accupuncture and aromatherapy helps with alot of my pain although not all! I get the treatment through the hospice and physio. I know not everybody agrees with alternative therapy but I find it beneficial in the absence of anything better x

4th October 2012, 21:11
Hi Sonia,

I was lucky until the last couple of weeks ,but i started waking in the night with an ache ,can only say it was similar to toothache in the hips ,as i cannot turn that easy now tend to stick in one position,Luckily my next door nieghbour works on the night shift at the hospital and she got me co- prox tabs to try ,I know there a lightwieght pain killer but providing you take them regular ,I now am pain free in the night , So get them from the docs now , By the way did you ever hear from Jason and his wonder treatment.


4th October 2012, 23:41
Hi all, thanks for the feedback, really useful.

Pete, no I am afraid I had no response at all from Jason. I still research stem cell; if I come across anything of interest I will post on the forum.

Sonia x

5th October 2012, 11:23
Pete - this is so weird - I too wake at night with hip pain which disappears temporarily if I turn but that in itself is difficult to say the least - it is never there in the day. So once again our symptoms are similar.

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