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7th February 2011, 22:48
Hi Robyn, All,

An interesting idea is the concept that people with our unique insight into life and humanity could, using the magic of the world wide web, mentor youth, maybe that which has fallen of the track even.

Government is paying handsomely for these services at present.

Any thoughts?

Best wishes


8th February 2011, 08:14
Graham could you explain more about what you mean with this thread, especially the mentor youth bit ?.

The association does already give grants or sponsors students who are part of a research team that study Neuro degenerative disorders, unfortunately many of those supported go on to other things & don't remain with neurological disorders.

8th February 2011, 08:24
I understand him to mean that living with MND could be a 'qualification' [or lead to desirable qualities] for youth mentoring work, possibly involving underprivileged children, paid for the government & supported/organised by the MNDA,

9th February 2011, 00:34
Hi Wayne, Rog,

We have years of experience to offer, and through the www, a new opportunity to participate in society presents. Rudders without ships.
On the other hand, I see young people, a million of whom are unemployed, some in trouble. Ships without rudders.

Best wishes


9th February 2011, 08:17
Sorry I must be having a blonde moment (for someone with no hair its gotta be bad) I just can't see how this would work & where any opportunity for mentoring would exist to qualify for any form of government backed apprenticeship within the association, unless in the main office.

Graham where exactly do you see this mentoring within the association under the guise of government funding.


10th February 2011, 00:08
Hi Wayne,

It could work on a penpal basis under the auspices of this site for instance.

My view is that anyone with a MND dx automatically joins the ranks of human heroes, being handed the ultimate of life's challenge.

Soldiers returning from theatre having experienced horror, are further tormented by the thought "no one in civvy street can appreciate my mental torment", well snap!

A drug addict may see their life dissipating and may draw inspiration from our resilience having communicated with us.

Bob Diamond, CEO Barclays may feel unfulfilled not earning as much as David Beckham. Really the most fulfilling thing for him could be to be loved or be able to tell someone, "I love you".

There are possibilities for the MNDA to develop.

Best wishes


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