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Robyn Copley-Hirst
8th October 2012, 10:54
Hi Everyone,

I would like to personally let you all know that I am leaving my position with the MND Association. I sincerely appreciate having had the chance to work with you all as well as my colleagues.

Even though I will miss my colleagues, I am really looking forward to starting a new phase of my life, and relocating with fresh challenges in 2013.

My final day with the Association is this coming Friday, 12th October. Everything will continue as normal until then, and I will help with everything you need as usual until Friday. From then Claire McArthur will officially be co-ordinating until the Association recruits a new forum co-ordinator, or someone in a similar role with responsibility for the forum. Of course our moderators are there to support you all as usual.

I know some very difficult times bring people to the forum, but I wish every one of you the very best for yourselves and your families in the future. Thank you for making this the positive community that it is and
I hope the forum can continue to be the support it has become, over its first two years, for people affected by MND.

Best Regards,


8th October 2012, 11:25
Hi Robyn,

I can only wish you all the very best and good luck with the new Job, I for one will miss your input, and despite all recent events ,we know you did your best for us all, You take care ,we will miss you .


8th October 2012, 11:55
Hi Robyn,thanks for your help in the past and good luck in your future position.

Warmest Regards Bob x

8th October 2012, 11:58
Well.....tx for everything and good luck for you....

Robyn Copley-Hirst
8th October 2012, 12:19
Thanks for all of your messages, it's been a pleasure. I'll miss working for you :)

I've moved the thread here as in the admin announcements area there was a mystery delay on your posts going 'live'. I hope this resolves that while I investigate the other forum area behind the scenes.


8th October 2012, 14:50
Hi Robyn,

Thank you for your support over the years and may I wish you good luck in your new job.

Best wishes


8th October 2012, 15:37
Hi Robyn,

A big thank you from me (especially when the NP001 thread was going crazy!) and good luck with your new challenge.

8th October 2012, 15:41
Hi Robyn,

just wanted to say thanks,you will be missed wishing you every happiness for your new job and future.


8th October 2012, 15:44
Good Luck Robyn, hope your new adventure works out well for you, our best wishes Ang & Mick xx

8th October 2012, 15:56
Thanks for your past support and good luck with your future plans

8th October 2012, 16:28
Hi Robyn - best wishes for the new venture. Thanks for your prompt responses here and on pms. It can't have been easy some of the time.

8th October 2012, 18:05
Thanks Robyn for your support and good luck for the future !


8th October 2012, 23:53
Hi Robyn,
Been out all day and just catching up. I hope it wasn't something we said!
I hope you are going because you want to be somewhere else and not because you don't want to be here.
Whoever is going to have your future input is going to be very lucky and I hope you are fully appreciated and it is all you wish for.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding in the past.


Robyn Copley-Hirst
9th October 2012, 09:31
Hi Robyn,
Been out all day and just catching up. I hope it wasn't something we said!

I wondered who wouldn't be able to resist saying that :). You've been a pleasure, John

Many thanks for all the luck and best wishes, everyone.


11th October 2012, 20:19
Best of luck n thanks for all you've done :D

Who am I going to spar with now when the annual finance report comes out ;)

Robyn Copley-Hirst
12th October 2012, 11:45
Best of luck n thanks for all you've done :D

Who am I going to spar with now when the annual finance report comes out ;)

Best of luck to you as well, Adie. I'm sure you'll find a very willing sparring partner somewhere :).


Robyn Copley-Hirst
12th October 2012, 11:47
This is myself leaving my final 'over and out' message.

Take care everyone, and if you need anything in the meantime Claire McArthur will be co-ordinating the forum. Her profile and contact buttons can be found here:


Very best regards,


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