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10th October 2012, 11:30
Thinking back to when I was growing up in the fifties, things instilled in us kids, by parents where amongst other things you never swore ,never thieved, and you treated others how wanted yourself to be treated, ,
the sixties well where incredible still not much money around but if you saved up for things we managed, and for me still the best years , yes there where crimes and murders but nothing like today ,a fight would result in bloody noses and a few teeth dislodged ,and you really didn't want to end up falling foul of the law, the local bobby would issue his own form of retribution and that was that
, we survived only now to live almost daily hearing about such wicked crimes , I wonder why that is ,is it because we listened to so many stupid ideas, prompted mainly by the press and do gooders , whatever anyone did wrong, there are those who only find justification for that ,saying it was down to the culprit having a raw deal ,that made it all ok, so it went on
, till now the police have no powers ,the judicial system is a joke ,and we now give to the world at the slightest, hint of any unrest ,we send our troops to fight in country's that never wanted to know us , the countries heritage has been sold off the venture Capitol companies and about the only company we have that makes money is owned by India ,producing cars that very few in the uk can afford,
you can't go anywhere without kids girls mothers and fathers f ing and blinding in public, it's the norm now they say , we'll just glad I am nearing the end of my life , really don't want to see the future here , when we have no money for the people ,but can spend billions on projects for so few ,and reward continental firms with orders for work, while our workers struggle to make ends meet,
Seems the way forward is to make claims about folk who cannot reply ,what a sick world me now live in, where a young girl is taken ,and another young girl is shot in the head for wanting schooling ,by scum that do not have the decency to show there faces,and kill because, it's the way they see life, only there views are the right ones and anyone that dares to say otherwise . rant over going to smoke the pipe, feel much better now

10th October 2012, 14:47
Don't worry Pete, Mr Cameron has promised to save us only this morning. Can't help wondering why it didn't cross his mind 2 years ago!!
He is also wanting to take a knighthood off someone convicted of nothing whilst making Lords of people who have deep pockets with money to finance the Tory party.
The world becomes an ever more puzzling place, and Robyn is leaving us. Life will never be the same again.


10th October 2012, 16:23

So glad to hear that, If our Dave says its ok then thats fine with me, As for the knighthood thing ,well you only have to ride a bike these days and you get one of them , just seen the highlights ,made me laugh about how wonderful the Home secretary was in deporting the Vile Abu, didnt mention the rest of his gang that live here on Benefits did he , Perhaps the U.S .A will deal with him from now on , its about time he got a bit of payback for all the hatred he has dished out here, mind you it didnt stop him from enjoying a nice life here considering how much he thought we where not worthy of his company ,lets hope he enjoys american jail instead of stopping in one of our hotels with bars. And yes that is bad news Robyns to leave us ,I wish her well whatever she does ,Thanks for the reply John , I just get sick and tired of the news these days ,just for once ,I would love to hear that We had a fund from the goverment and not just the Cancer folk.


ps, Dave didnt mention that he was going to stump up the 40 mill for the botched Rail deal did he considering it was his flock that was responsible , No it will be us lot again

10th October 2012, 16:43
Hi Pete - probably not the place for this debate but on the subject of Abu I seem to recollect it was costing the UK taxpayer something like 70k a year to accommodate him and his extended family. perhaps this saving could be used instead now to fund continuing health care for those in need or home alterations for those denied it unless they have spent their entire savings. The state seem to forget that usually there are 2 in this together one of whom will remain and not wish to be a pauper.
Don't get me going - government sense of whats important beggars belief. Why do we toss 200 million a year into financing India when they have individuals rich enough to buy our steel and motor industry. It couldn't be because some former residents of that country and their descendants live here and have the right to vote could it? No perish the thought!!


10th October 2012, 16:58

Yes your right, and he has lived for some years, I cannot see why this off topic isn't suitable for any point of view, makes a nice change from MND dominating our lives totally, it takes enough from us already as you know only to well, so maybe this can be a place where we let off some steam about life in general ,, and not let MND be the only subject we discuss , not being able to speak out anymore it's good to let out the frustrations you have amongst others in the same boat, not all will agree but I think it is justifiable to encourage views on other items.


10th October 2012, 20:37
Hi Pete and John,

nothing wrong with debating topical issues,afterall I seem to be watching more news on tv and reading papers ect,whilst I have always had an interest seem to have more time to digest and think about things.Recently have been watching channel RT Russia today,interesting to see a different point of view and also demonstates why we get nil points in eurovision political song contest.As for the cost of Abu and his family,
peanuts compared to legal costs.To some extent the relentless cycle of news and media promote things like the riots,perfect advert for all the Jeremy Kyle TV retards to react and kick off in the streets,polititions and Police claim resolve and control but in my view like the 80s it was the rain and wet that stopped it, you have to balance it all when i think of both the Olympics and para Olympics I was inspired by the whole event and all the good people that took part,the crowds,the sportspeople and the planners the best of British.

10th October 2012, 22:58
Local paper today had a letter from a disgruntled reader(Yorkshireman of course) re Tony Blair. He had read an article saying Tony now had personal wealth of 30million and earned 20million last year alone. Despite that he draws his full PMpension of 70,000 and expenses of 112,000 to pay for the cost of maintainIng an office to help with his public duties. Why do we need to give him any of this? And what has this got to do with socialism or has he left that club. He also told the reporter he had no interest in personal wealth. Why is it that the personally wealthy always say that?

Good night.


11th October 2012, 10:32
Morning John,

I am sorry missed your post last night, I wish i had seen it , I would have slept sounder if i had known that Tony B was making ends meet, just glad to know even though the rest of us have to endure cuts ,it seems that politicians do not , I do think that only those fortunate to make stupid statements like he did , it matters not what we think they have a vested interest not to change things , Never understood why they get,such a high pension,for a short service time ,oh well we will moan about things but never do the public, do anything to challenge these payouts, The only guy there i have anytime for is Boris.


11th October 2012, 11:21
Mornin' Pete. Are you felling better today? Not like you to go off on a rant. But if it helps - go for it. This might make you chuckle - we have a mystery milkman terrorising us. Last week we cancelled the milk deliveries. Since then the milkman has twice left double our normal amount so last night husband left large notices on back and front door reminding him that we no longer wanted milk. This in addititon to two phone calls to the dairy. Hey presto - today the milk was there again. Husband has gone on a mega rant!

11th October 2012, 11:55
Hi Miranda,

A lot of good can come from bad, perhaps with the abundance of milk a massive bowl of hot rice pudding would calm hubby lol

11th October 2012, 13:34
Afternoon Pete,

Sounds like your more chilled today, what was you smoking in your pipe-think I might give it try


Biking bliss
11th October 2012, 13:55
Hi Pete and Roy. Interesting subject....... Very thought provoking. We sold England out. I'm only 37 and my grandad and others who fought in the war would turn in their graves if they knew fickle our money orientated our country has become. The British press has always been at the core of all the smoke and mirrors endorsed by the government and the fat cats. Soap box well and truly out. Ha ha

11th October 2012, 15:22
Hi Roy and welcome Biking bliss'

I do hope its the powered variety as far as the bike goes ,but if its pedal power your still very welcome here , just caught your other post very kind offer and sorry to hear about you dad , Roy we have another biker at last , And your so right we sold out pretty much everything we had worked for all those years gone ,just so the money guys made more money ,anyway ,much better after the bowl of Condor turned to ash ,peace and calm ruled again , Hope your both Ok ,


11th October 2012, 16:46
Hi Pete,

seem to remember the days of tv ads,just wondered if you was the guy smoking a pipe full of condor with a swarm of girls trying to rip your shirt off, and spoil sport bald headed gorilla with sunglasses fending them off.


11th October 2012, 17:19

i'm sure that i've posted this before but for those who may not have seen this...I emailed my General Secretary of the Police Federation needless to say i'm still waiting for at least an acknowledgement. Yes our country is in a mess, our police serivce, nhs, school and society are all suffering because of people in power just like our good old Home secretary (wink)....i wait with baited breath the dawn of our 'new' police commissioners!
I feel for the families of the two GMP officers shot down in cold blood doing a job to protect the public and what little thanks we get critised by the press or called 'plebs' what hope have we got?

rant over almost...

General secretary of the police federation,

I have been urged to contact you regarding the changes to our pensions.

Unfortunately, in February this year I was diagnosed with a rare form of Motor Neurone Disease, (Kennedy's disease). I returned to work to find that not only am I struggling to maintain my career and fight against the tide of "ill health retirement" I face a
n uncertain future financially with regards to my pension.

I have a condition which cannot be treated and has no cure and use a wheelchair to preserve my strength and stamina. Imagine the fact that your life, home, work and future is uncertain and compounded with an uncertain pension. No one can tell me exactly what my pension after 7 and half years service is actually worth and if forced to take ill health retirement I cannot claim a penny from the state in benefits based on my current pension value.

I sat almost in tears with a Adult Social Worker Benefits advisor for over 2 hours in my home almost a month ago and quote, "Sorry I am a bit like the grim reaper I have nothing good to offer you." This is because I would have a small pension 890 based on today's figures and my wife earning of 1,100 a month. I am therefore, not eligible for any benefits yet expected to pay all my bills, mortgage and outgoings with a small pension.

I urge you to put yourself in my shoes for one minute my situation could happen to any officer, any rank, any sex. I have always supported the Police Federation but feel that the Police Federation has not fought our corner. I have served this country in the Armed Forces, Prison officer and Police Service giving almost two decades service yet I am let down in my hour of need.

the replies via FB...

.....it is a sad day when an officer, of the most respected Police Service in the world, has little or no support from an employer who is meant to demonstrate and lead by example for justice and fairness for all .. instead has undervalued and continues to alienate a workforce, who for the majority joined this service for the pride in dedicating their career, at the cost of their family to receive a fair remuneration after these years of service. All who have had dealings with the police cut backs should hang their heads in shame. my heart goes out to you Scott ...

11th October 2012, 17:58

Can say hand on heart, sadly that's never happened,as yet!!!!! But I can dream, and the big guy isn't needed. LOL


11th October 2012, 18:20
Hi Scott,

The cold blooded murder of the two officers , is just another sad reflection of our country, and what's worse ,even if the low life that though he was somehow being a big man , he will not get what he deserves , a good lawyer and the judge who lives on another planet will no doubt fail as so many before have , admitted the law is out of touch and with no real deterrent things are not going to get any better . For the front line Police officer and the cuts will only add to problems, Hope you get some good news Scott,

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