View Full Version : can you put very runny smoothies through the peg?

11th October 2012, 17:11
latest idea in the household of my sis is runny smothies via the peg.....anybody else tried this? I know you can block the tube if it is not completely smooth, but if it is can it do any harm?
all answers gratefully accepted!

11th October 2012, 17:53
Hi Berdbrain
I think it also depends what is in it too as certain fruits have acidity in them which I am not sure may perish the tube also , but I am sure some one else will have further info on this, xx A

15th October 2012, 21:24
Runny smoothies will be fine - My husband used to have "innocent" smoothies (no bits or pips) - that consistency was fine, but make sure you flush with water afterwards, even just 30ml water to make sure tube nice and clear. Best to slowly put things through the PEG because it is so direct into the tummy it can cause a very heavy/bloated feeling very quickly. I would say 60ml smoothie, 30 ml water - nothing for half hour see how your sis feels.

19th October 2012, 00:11
thanks so much Rachelg I told my sis and she said that that was good to know if they were going out, the Innocent smoothies that is, they could always buy them and take them with but she was going to make her own, she is an amazingly wonderful cook, which is another hard thing to cope with now that she can't enjoy a lot of what she tries to make. Anyway thanks for replying, and I am so sorry your husband passed away, we always hope for just a bit longer, but then you have to face up to loosing them, and the difficulty they had when they were finding things so hard.
with a prayer

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