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13th October 2012, 12:23
Had the stair lift fitted yesterday and it's operation requires a firm and constant pressure on the switch. Peter's hands are deteriorating and I know, as I find it uncomfortable, that we need a new device to operate the stairlift. Has anyone been here before me? Can you recommend a firm that may be able to help?


13th October 2012, 13:04
Hi Magic,

I'd have thought that the firm who fitted the lift or the manufacturers would be your first line of enquiry. The very purpose of a stair lift is to aid the independence of a less-able person so they, at least, should know of any options in this area for you to have retro-fitted. Perhaps they weren't forthcoming because it would incur additional cost and this can often be critical to the funding of such an item.

I would also speak to Paul's care team, especially his OT, because they often have additional info on matters like this, where an individual 'variation' is required to make best circumstantial use of an aid. And phone MND Connect, details on the 'MND Connect' link at the top of this page, who could well have relevant info to help.

Best wishes,


13th October 2012, 14:10
Thanks for advice Mike. Supplier has not been helpful. I have e smile Abilitynet and will contact OT on Monday.


15th October 2012, 19:07
I had a through floor lift installed for my husband and it was fitted with foot operated switches - maybe they are available for stair lifts toio?

15th October 2012, 21:34
I will give the MNDA a ring as they'd only have met this problem best. ZI I'll pst any outcomes.

15th October 2012, 22:58
when mum had hers fitted we got a few different suppliers out, there are different switches and seat belts availablee with different chairs, it is difficult to find one that is relatively easy to use, that is one of the reasons mum then went into getting a lift installed as she could not depress the switch and also could not get our of the stair lift, think it is sound advice to call the supplier as there are options but it depends on the chair you have

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