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14th October 2012, 16:50
Having been diagnosed: eight months ago I've been continuing to work reduced hours. My employers have been absolutely terrible offering no assessment or help and demoting me from my senior management position without any consultation and without my agreement. Having gone through an internal grievance procedure which was a farce with judge and jury being the same person I am now having to consider going to an employment tribunal. I was wondering whether anybody could recommend a specialist disability and employment lawyer in the West Country?

14th October 2012, 19:07
Hi dill,

I would speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau. I know it can be very difficult getting an appointment because they are always busy, but do persevere, and in any case, a visit to their offices should enable you to get the details of an empoyment lawyer in your location.

Also speak to MND Connect because you can't be the first and won't be the last to experience difficulties with employers, and Connect may have relevant information for you.

You can call them on 08457 626262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org. They are available from 9am to 5pm and 7pm to 10.30pm Mondays to Fridays. Calls are charged at local rate.

Looking further ahead, take a look at this page (http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/BenefitsTaxCreditsAndOtherSupport/Illorinjured/DG_171894) on the direct.gov.uk website. It has helpful info about claiming employment support allowance, and other related benefits are listed on links from the same page.

Best wishes,


14th October 2012, 22:29
Hi dill, I am so sorry to hear how badly your employers have treated you. Just a thought, (which you probably have already considered), but are you in a Trade Union or Professional Association? If not, perhaps you could join and see if they can help you. Hope you get a good result.

15th October 2012, 07:24
yep in my case United the Union be very helpful and cost 12 a month its not bad. now i agree its great idea to be members of some Union.

15th October 2012, 09:40
Hi dill,

Sorry to hear your story, but it sounds very familiar , At the end of the day it really boils down to how much your condition has affected your working ability, to fill your role at work, only you can answer that , if you feel that you are capable of doing all that is needed, then you have a case, but as it was in mine ,I could no longer do what I was being paid to do , It's harsh and not very nice, but most employers only want you when you make money for them , not their. Fault so to speak, having said that you have right under the disability act ,so go for it 'just be prepared for the endless written aspect ,I do wish you all the luck, for me it ended with redundancy on ill health grounds ,whatever happens just remember your rights are there it's getting someone to enforce it ,Good luck


15th October 2012, 12:46
Hi Dill,

My situation after diagnoses was a little different,my consultant advised me not to carry on working,to avoid injury to me or others,
however although their case against you may or may not of been correct or just, if the disiplinary process was not carried out correctly as you suggest,then a case against could be called.

wishing you a positive outcome.


15th October 2012, 14:58
I am an sufferer but also an ex HR Director. Although you feel appalled by your treatment as Pete states it depends on whether you can still perform your duties. If you can you may have a case although I will warn you tribunals are costly and time consuming with the average payout only 3k!! Are they a big firm? Do they provide critical illness insrance?

15th October 2012, 19:26
Hi Dill;
I was just revising some of the Mnda advice leaflets and came across this contact. It may help, I hope it does, Terry
Disability Law Service
Assistance on disability law.
Disability Law Service, 39-45 Cavell Street, London, E1 2BP
Telephone: 020 7791 9800
Email: advice@dls.org.uk
Website: www.dls.org.uk/

15th October 2012, 21:04

Have you approached Access to Work via Job centre to conduct a work based assessment and compile a report, which can be used in any tribunal if reasonable adjustments aren't implimented (thats my understanding) above all its free and costs a phone call.
sorry I can't recommend any other advice but its worth a call certainly helped me.

23rd October 2012, 15:12
Thanks for all your advice as well as the warnings. I will keep you all posted. Dill

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