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16th October 2012, 23:50
Hi all

If your at a loose end turn on Bbc 2 and spend an hour in the company of the genius that is Mr Freddie Mercury.

17th October 2012, 02:05
Hi Michelle,

wish I had seen your thread earlier,went to see Freddie and Queen at the Milton Keynes Bowl it was simply magic, good news I might be able to get watch it on I player.



17th October 2012, 12:34
Hi Roy
Thank god for catch up tv. Im well jell (as they say these days) never got to see queen live it must have been great. In my opinion Freddie was one of the true great frontmen of all time. My cousin was in charge of the cast at the We Will Rock You Tour, last Christmas she took my son to see it, as a surprise he got to sit on stage next to the drummer throughout the performance. The drummer was roger Taylor's son Rufus. He was over the moon.

Best wishes


17th October 2012, 12:58
It was a fantastic programme (but fell asleep part way through so will catch the rest on iplayer) lots of footage I had not seen before.

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