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18th October 2012, 16:39
Hi Everyone
I was wondering if anyone has or has heard of a mobile arm device that attaches to your wheelchair and enables you to feed yourself.
Kind regards

18th October 2012, 17:23
Here is a post by MikeFD in thread “upper arms muscles wasting”
You could take a look here at a thread which discusses ideas for 'home-made' methods to help with this problem.

Here is a well referenced thread by Jeannie about a 'passive range of motion' excercises designed to help maintain and even improve levels of mobility.

Another thread here outlines the help a member (John) obtained from his OT in respect of his personal care plan. Of particular interest is the mention of a mobile arm support from the Oxford Centre for Enablement. Below are web links to leaflets from the OCE (http://www.noc.nhs.uk/oce/default.aspx).

The first is a particular reference for patients with MND/ALS, which mentions the arm supports and sourcing funding etc.

The second is a more general leaflet about the supports.

These would need to be discussed with your father's OT to be progressed, but MND Connect may have more information about the supports (Tel:08457 626262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org).

Hope these will be a starting point for your own researches - the most important thing is that you follow this through with the OT and your father's care team.

Best wishes, Terry

18th October 2012, 18:54
hi lorraine hubby used one set up by oxford enablement and it gave his independence back in eating.unfortunately fell and fractured his clavicle month ago so back to feeding him ourselves.hopefully as soon as his fracture heals he can use it again.ask at your next hospice meeting or your ot.i for one think they are fantastic as they give back some control over an otherwise unuseable arm.if you look on you tube under ashfieb you can see it in action. love caroline x

18th October 2012, 22:11
John was offered a device called a neater eater,fixes on the chair or tabletop and feeds you.By the time the ot got round to organising a man to come to give us a demonstration John had his peg put in so no longer needed the help x

19th October 2012, 14:17
i had supports through OCE, they were great!

23rd October 2012, 21:32
Hi Lorraine,

We have just taken delivery of a Neater Eater today! My husband was begining to struggle at meal times due to weakness in his arms and hands and we suggested this device to our OT who arranged for a demo at home. The company also do arm supports which they demonstrated. There are videos on the company web site which will show you how they work. My husband liked the neater eater as it should take all the hard work out of eating and help him to concentrate on chewing and swallowing. We have set up the board and will do a test run tomorrow when the kids are all back at school, needless to say they are all desperate to have a go!


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