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23rd October 2012, 18:09
Thu 9pm channel 4

Tourette's disease causes uncontrolled vocal activity.

Like MND, the cause of this brain condition is unknown but genetics, lifestyle and environment factors are suspected.

23rd October 2012, 19:12
Hi Graham,

Is there any chance of catching Tourette's, I could do with a bit of controlled or uncontrolled Vocal activity would be a very pleasant change for me ????


23rd October 2012, 19:48
Hi Pete and Graham,

like to know what you would you would shout and the top of your voices, mind you think it might be cool to shout something like b-------cks at the top of your voice in a full library.

best wishes


23rd October 2012, 20:16
Hi Roy,

Oh Man my favourite expletive of all time , I have never swore in front of any female , that was down to the old mans rules when growing up , but at work with the lads ,well no angel like most blokes ,but yes i miss that one I really do ,covers it all , and right now if i hear bloody jimmy savilles name once more i am going to try my hardest to say it out loud in public

23rd October 2012, 23:01
Hi Pete, Roy,

I can imagine a chc assessor noting "no needs, has no mates anyway".

Is cause a virus or chemical?

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