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11th February 2011, 00:07
Welcome to the forum!

I hope that you find it supportive; why not say hello? :)

11th February 2011, 00:14
Hi Harriet,

Welcome to the forum :)


11th February 2011, 17:09
Thank you for the welcome. Have been a member since December and have done a lot of browsing on the forum. I care for my husband who was dx in Nov 08. He has been totally wheechair bound for over 18 months and uses a bipap machine. He now cannot turn over in bed at night and its a struggle to turn him over, He needs turning quite a few times in the night and consequently neither of us get much sleep. Has anyone any tips for making turning easier.


kate gooding
11th February 2011, 18:32
Hi Harriet and welcome!

Does your husband have an occupational therapist? They can advise on a number of aids to make turning someone in bed easier. This could be a huge benefit to you both. If he doesn.t give MND Connect a call on monday and they will advise how to access an occupational therapist [OT] their number is 08457626262

kind regards


11th February 2011, 20:59
Hi Kate

We do have an OT who on the whole has been very good, but she has said there is not really anything to help with turning. She wil be coming next week so I wil ask her again.

Thanks for your reply


12th February 2011, 20:24
Hi Harriet

You need an electric hoist next to the bed for turning your husband and I am told that satin bottom sheets are are help also. I think you should talk to your district nurse about the hoist as it is she who can order this for you and not an OT. Do you have a Profiling bed? This is a home version of a hospital bed with the added feature that the whole bed can be made to slope from head to foot as well as elevating the back and legs. I have one and find it a great help. My district nurse organised it for me very quickly.


17th February 2011, 23:47
Hi Clive
We have a hoist to transfer from chair to wheelchair, bed etc, but doesnt do turning in bed, we are waiting for a ceiling hoist to be fitted. We do have a profiling bed but cos he cant sleep on his back Harry doesant really get the benefit from it. We were supposed to have visits fro both the OT and district nurse this week but neither turned up, so are just plodding along the best we can.

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